How odd life is

I took Dylan for a run on Winterton dunes this lunchtime. There was not a soul in sight until we had nearly finished, at which moment a pointer came across to sniff and investigate. The pointer and Dylan has one of the great runs of all time. When I asked for her name it was Lemon.


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6 Responses to How odd life is

  1. OS says:

    “When I asked for her name it was Lemon.”

    What a strange coincidence! Good to hear that Dylan is back on top form.


  2. calvininjax says:

    Doggy pix are back, hurrah!

    I am sorry that you, Dylan and Lemon had a parting of the ways, Stephen. I can well imagine the handover of Lemon was not among the top ten best moments of your life.

    Still, full marks for recognizing the problem and taking the necessary action, which was in the best interests of both dogs. Too many times, people put their human vanity before the welfare of their dogs.

    At times, it is all too easy to forget what complex creatures dogs are and that each one has his or her own distinct personality.

    It is a great pity that we won’t to get share in Lemon’s adventures, I am sure there will be many, but we still have Dylan’s exploits to warm our hearts.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks Calvin, you are dead right in all that, esp not top ten.

    Still, already Dylan is more like his old self, albeit that that is his old self plus a tangible neurotic sense of ‘the coast seems clear, but will he be coming back…’

    Bless Lemon, tho, I miss him.

  4. Rhodesy says:

    He looks ridiculously young on that photo. How old is he now?

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    He’s just over three, Rhodesy. He’s natural boyish, like his Pops.

  6. Rhodesy says:

    Got grey hair like his Dad too 😉

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