It was a busy weekend

including a very long wait for a curry during which time the only thing to do was drink. Now I need a lie down. I’d like to do it on one of these, but I don’t have one. If anybody has a spare I’ll collect.


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8 Responses to It was a busy weekend

  1. OS says:

    That’s the beauty of Berlin. It’s not all Nazi stuff you know! I like it, but I’d get rid of that rollmop thing and replace it with a washed coalbag for my headrest. It would go well in my new kitchen. 😉


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    You’d look good on that OS, particularly if we carried you round like El Papé on a Sedia gestatoria.

  3. RAF says:

    Tres, Tres Bollox.
    It looks like a dentists chair has had a crash with a childrens slide.


  4. OS says:

    winger…I’m not a religious person. This is my normal mode of transport…as well you know. I can get a horses head in the trunk, no probs. 😉

    Al C.

  5. johnnyneptune says:

    was a good programme on bbc4 last night about glamour and stuff in the 20s and 30s that had a good bit about the bauhaus movement and modernism

    you’ve missed a trick here though foster. a mention or 2 of bauhaus and no sign of that pole 🙂

  6. johnnyneptune says:

  7. OS says:

    Super photo, Johnny. Were you fortunate enough to visit the Neue Wache War Memorial in those weather conditions? To me, Kollwitz’s ‘Mother with her Dead Son’ would have it’s greatest impact during snowy weather.


  8. OS says:

    Here’s my own picture of it.

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