More sterotypes than you can swing a broom at

Stoke play West Ham today. I was looking for a good bit from ‘Til Death do Us Part, with Alf Garnett/Warren Mitchell, but I couldn’t really discover one. I find it amazing now that this used to be on telly and that I used to like it; I’m generally antithetical to the dreary, antiseptic PC lobby, but the script here is a disgrace really. The blonde bloke is Anthony Booth, Cherie Blair’s dad who once managed to set himself on fire.

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2 Responses to More sterotypes than you can swing a broom at

  1. Daftburger says:

    You should have posted this on the Oatcake. You’d have got over 100 replies by now disagreeing with you and asking what was wrong with it! 🙂

    Pulis Out! Mike Newell In!

  2. Daftburger says:

    Get Southgate in!

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