More Malevich

I’d forgotten how much I like his work. Simple, clean, focussed, tight; it’s the Ars Poetica equivalent of Pulisball.

Black Circle, 1913, Oil on Canvas

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4 Responses to More Malevich

  1. burslemisbohemia says:

    Or, the rather black, rather charred hole where once there was an opposition penalty area…

    Have you seen Dynamism of a Soccer Player, 1912, by Umberto Boccioni?

  2. calvininjax says:

    I prefer the later iridescent version — Petrol on Canvas. 😉

  3. OS says:

    It’s not even in the middle!


    NB: Your August Macke takes centre stage in my new kitchen. Looks good, Boy. 😉

    M le etc…

  4. makemeadiva says:

    Maybe it’s not in the middle because it is on a hoof trajectory?

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