Our sacrifices have not been in vain; we have fought long, we have fought hard. The forces of the Capitalist Machine have been pummeled underfoot like so many rotten tomatos. We have lost friends along the way, some of whom we even knew. But now today, at last, and finally, we have the sweet scent of victory pervading upwards into our nostrils: Lord Mandelson of Taxdodge twinned with Swindlingham has had the democratic opportunity to be unelectedly standing on the platform pretending to be Alec Guinness. Brothers and Sisters of Conference, the New Labour product is now complete! Five more years!


Lord Mandlebloom address the Auditorium

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7 Responses to Brothers!

  1. chiffs says:

    My god, separated at birth. I do hope that’s an axe planted in his hat.

  2. OS says:

    I hope so, ChiffS. XXX

    Very good. 🙂


  3. OS says:

    PS. Are you a bronzed Goddess? 😉

    OS. XXX

  4. chiffs says:

    Pale but interesting, OS, pale but interesting.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    She’s as tanned as you can get when you spend two weeks under a brolly sparking up a Silk Cut, doing the Times crossword, and sending your bloke off for a cold Lemonella.

  6. chiffs says:

    Oh, and so it’s so much more appealing to be the colour of a boiled lobster and shining like a buttered spud? Or to sit on the end of the bed crying and depressed because I’ve got ‘the flash’? (you’ll have to ask Winger what that is, as I happen to know he has had experience of such a phenomenon).

  7. OS says:

    “crying and depressed”

    Hoho. Well done, ChiffS. There always has to be a sensible one in a pair. I’ll axe him about ‘flash’ when I see him. 😉

    OS. XXX

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