The thing is

it’s all very well being taken in and fed kippers and toast, but I do have to live with Little Lord Fauntelroy, and moreover Why Don’t They Let Me Run?

Lemon goes up to Fakenham for his final x-ray tomorrow; the way he performed when he slipped his choke lead yesterday and put in a couple of (mercifully short) practice loops on a football field (before, to my surprise, responding to a fierce shout of LEMON! WAIT YOU LITTLE ANGEL! as if he actually understood these words) I’m guessing the doc will sign him off…


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7 Responses to The thing is

  1. Patty says:

    He’s a beautiful dog. I wish him well at his visit to the vet tomorrow. I cannot imagine life without a lurcher….or any dog for that matter. But the runners seem to also possess such “interesting” personalities around the house, don’t they?

    Here’s a pic of Drzl with my husband….seems she’s adopted him as another lurcher. Perhaps we should look into getting a “friend” for her. Here’s an example of them “boxing.”

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Great picture, Patty. Another contender is exactly what your household needs for the ‘even more fun’ factor ;–)

    Hope all are well.

    Best wishes, S

  3. OS says:

    Great picture, Patty. As a boxing enthusiast, I reckon Dave should tuck his left hand into his chin or Drzl will find his weak spot 😉

    Winger, you should rename him ‘Sick Note’. 🙂


    Why don’t I believe you?


  4. Susan Coldock says:

    Hi Stephen and Trezza, Dylan and Lemon – we have been following lemon’s exploits of course, and none of this seems suprising to us – WHY ??

    Hope the doc signs him off, but I think Lemon feels he doesn’t need doc’s approval – we still think of Lemon a lot and his picture with “the harness” is on our noticeboard for all to see – love keith and sue x

  5. chiffs says:

    Hi Keith and Sue,
    Well, you won’t be surprised at all to hear that not only did I have to prise a balled-up burger wrapper out of his mouth this evening, but I’ve had to retrieve a fat slug from his jaws just now. And as for the chewing gum . . . never in my life have I seen a dog chew gum (and really enjoy it too ) – until yesterday, when he swiped a lump off the pavement. I’ll leave the flies for another day (Lemon wouldn’t). He’s the quickest and funniest dog I’ve ever known, he goes right to the heart.

  6. Susan Coldock says:

    I am not suprised at all – but what i am wondering is the old joke about chewing gum and walking at the same time – and does this apply to Lemon ??????

  7. Vanita Mirchandani says:

    I think lemon is so so cute.

    Is he just a foster or are you keeping him?

    I foster dogs too, and I have a hard time letting go of them!

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