Just seven days to go

before Lemon ought to be granted the all clear to bomb about the place having accidents (there’s nothing much wrong with him now so far as all ‘evidence of own eyes’ can tell). Meanwhile, he can find ways to amuse himself.


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9 Responses to Just seven days to go

  1. Rhodesy says:


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    He is Dylan’s new m8. Rescued from the streets of Dublin. He came with the name :–)

  3. michela says:

    Funny name, Lemon, but beautiful creatures, both of them!!

    Crazy hounds… I live (Italy) with Uriel, a 3 year old male Saluki and have learnt a bit about them – the sweetest pets at home just turn into wild fierce hunters outdoors. Cannot even say “GATTO”!

  4. Rhodesy says:

    Guess you’ve set it up so you can have some more material about another bloody dog 😀

    Must be a right money earner being a writer 😀

    Is lemon getting on with Dylan then?

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    ‘the sweetest pets at home just turn into wild fierce hunters outdoors. Cannot even say “GATTO”!’

    Benvenuto! Welcome to the blog michela – that is So right: I lost Dylan for 30 minutes this morning – he was mauling an already-dead rabbit in a field which he actually dropped from his jaws as he saw his first ever hare shoot past him at a tangent – he took off after it and over the fields. I really thought I’d never see him again. He was finally found in a field a good long distance away and across a road looking lost and bewildered with two good gashes on his legs.

    It’s an episode Rhodesy, but tbh, both the dog books & the football books are over – it’s time to move on.

    Are they getting on? Odd brotherly scrap most days, but by and large, yes.

  6. Rhodesy says:

    How is Ollie taking another hit to the top dog throne? 😀

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Ah Rhodesy, you must have missed some info: late last year we lost Ollie, see here:


    That’s why Dylan (who is now Top Dog despite how things look in that picture) needed a new pal…

  8. michela says:

    Thank you Stephen, grazie!

    Dylan IS a fierce hunter, I was going to suggest coursing but it’s really only a bit of a silly game for a real pro like him!! He sounds really unstoppable, you’ve got the real thing there. Uriel is strangely well behaved in this: he always COMEs BACK – which is extraodinary, knowing Salukis. He was the livliest in the liveliest litter, a born alpha male, but he is the sweetest one and also has the saving grace of never wanting to loose sight of us -phew.
    You are lucky to have such a variety of places to let Dylan and Lemon loose: we live in Rome now and luckily there is Villa Doria Pamphili, a large park, not too far away- before it was the Carso, north of Trieste (wonderful open spaces, just a stones’ throw from Slovenia, even better for sighthounds!! Have you ever been?)

    I so enjoyed Along Came Dylan: I literally fell in love with the two brothers!! And was so sorry when I read about Ollie. I’ve taken up too much space, sorry, but just one last question: why did you not ever choose a girl?

  9. Rhodesy says:

    Poor lad Ollie he died famous I guess!… My dog (also a lurcher) has just beat cancer but not sure how many years she has left in her 😦

    She still acts like a puppy though the crazy old girl!

    Your books have been passed round the family Winger and my Gran is a librarian and is reading your book and loving it! I’ll get her to get the library to get your books stocked up!

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