It’s all a bit of a blur

I’m having the prescription changed in my close-reading specs, they are away at the optician’s overnight, so at the moment thing*s are a bit more fuzzy than is usual in the Foster head cavity. Here, then, is one of Monet’s numerous studies of his water-lilies: his radical style is attributed, in some quarters, less to the force of the artistic principles of Expressionism that to deteriorating eyesight bought on by cataracts.


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19 Responses to It’s all a bit of a blur

  1. chiffs says:

    “thing’s are a bit more fuzzy than is usual” – that’ll be apostrophe’s and etc’s, then. I don’t mind though, I think I might look a bit like Barbarella under Foster’s current conditions.
    Darkness is a girl’s best friend, they say, followed by myopia.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    That’s not an apostrophe it*s cosmic dust.

  3. calvininjax says:

    My paintings were nothing like that when I had cataracts. Where did I go wrong? 😉

  4. markelt says:

    When I saw the Waterliles at the Orangerie, I was amazzed by how large they were. Was that to do with his failing eyesight?

  5. OS says:

    Monet can paint what he likes and he won’t get any criticism from me just so long as he paints with colours like that.

  6. Patty says:

    Whooooeeeee, now that’s beautiful! I’ve always loved Monet’s paintings, and this is a fav! Sorry about your vision problems, Stephen. Maybe you should consider a cane. You know, so some person with even worse vision doesn’t trip over you. (I am supposed to have cataract surgery myself, but I’m waiting awhile.) My brave sister who’s lived in Poole for over 30 years had it done, said it was a piece of cake the first time, but the second was the surgery from Hell. Now I’m frightened half to death. I never have been known for my bravery. 😦

  7. calvininjax says:

    Patty, both of my cataract ops were done in the US and were a breeze. In fact, I have had worse visits to the dentist.

    Fear not.

    My biggest problem was having to get used to reading glasses.

  8. anjali says:

    I like to think of myopia as visual generosity: airbrushing for the world in general.

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    I can see how that would work. I didn’t need specs for my ‘mild astigmatism’ until a few years after I started writing. Before that I could regard the world forensically and without encumberment: the whole ‘has anybody seen my specs’ + the ‘I need reading lenses put in my shades for the beach’ things are all a bit of a chizz.

  10. Daftburger says:

    winger I know this is not an appropriate thread but I saw this and wondered if that book what you wrote about London covered public transport.

    Obviously I haven’t read it but is the book anything like this? Obviously I’m assuming you travelled on public transport before you were rich!

    I’m so disenfranchised when it comes to Art due to my visual disability known as colour blindness. I could have been a snooker player but for this disability!

    Have you got anything, other than a chess board, in black and white?

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    Absolutely not. It did, though, feature a black Mini with tinted out windows.

    It was like The Italian Job crossed with Anna of the Five Towns.

  12. Daftburger says:

    But there are six towns…………..

  13. Stephen Foster says:

    If you want that whole matter cleared up for you once and for all I suggest you BUY THE BOOK…

  14. Daftburger says:

    What’s it called and where can I buy it?

  15. Patty says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, Calvin! I needed that. However, it looks like I have been given a reprieve for the timebeing. My opthalmologist said I can wait for now, and he will re-check my eyes again in six months. YIPPEEE!!!!!

    I’m not very fond of dentists either. But I am trying to be more brave.

    I hope you are adjusting to your reading glasses now. 🙂

  16. barb says:

    beautiful painting says the mushroom

  17. sally says:

    monet it’s my favourite!!!!i think it’s fantastic…..really stupendo e meraviglioso un bacio xoxo…

  18. sally says:


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