I can’t help but feel that I’m contributing to all this

Intellectually-titled poster Mr Daftburger has alerted me to this article saying how rubbish football is which contains more than a germ of truth in it’s wry note of parody.

Still, I wouldn’t want that to put anyone off taking out a financial interest in my new and forthcoming tome, buy here.


Relax Colin, it’s not important

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14 Responses to I can’t help but feel that I’m contributing to all this

  1. OS. says:

    It contains not one germ of truth unless you’re talking through the stupid fat gob of a glory hunter. And that’s why I hate them. They want to be to be ‘one of the lads’. It’s their reason for existing. Pathetic, sad t***s.

    Colin is ace. 😉


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks OS you have straightened out my nancy boy thinking there and not for the first time neither.

  3. calvininjax says:

    Exactement, OS.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    I can’t help feeling I ought to delete this post now.

    It makes me seem rather fey.

  5. Daftburger says:

    “Across the country, pubs were filled with men, and a handful of annoying women, expressing tired, obvious opinions about semi-literate millionaires who see them as nothing more than sad, desperate cash machines.”

    Where are the untruths there OS? The only difference to 30 years ago is that the players weren’t millionaires and there weren’t as many annoying women!

    Take off your romantic, rose tinted spectacles OS. On the contrary this article is depressingly true for those that have followed football when it really meant something and wasn’t a money driven wankfest for Sky. If you’d traveled on a bus recently you’ll find they’re not full of Stokes finest footballers and you’re never going to see any of them pop in for a swift half in the Supporters Club before the game!!

    The working mans ballet no longer exists just as the working man, as you knew him, no longer exists, fact! Pulis Out!

    Slams down phone.

    P.S. winger good luck with the book! 😉

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    Burger is spot on. The lead post remains!

  7. OS. says:

    Do one, Daftbugger! I was talking about the twat who wrote it. It was from his gob that there was no truth because he doesn’t understand where either you or I come from. He has no right to say what you and I know and think. That’s the point you missed. Thickie. I hope you broke your effing phone. Serves you right. Oh, and I don’t travel on buses, peasant!

    We do agree on one thing…Pulis out! 😉

  8. OS. says:

    NB…I should have used the word ‘when’ rather than ‘unless’ in my original point. I could have saved myself some hassle. I’ll think twice what I rite in future now I know you’re lurking. 😉


  9. OS. says:

    I forgot. Oi, winger, you do one, too, you big girl’s blouse!

    I’ve gotta go out now. In my car. To McDonalds. With two of my grandsons. All three of us wearing our Stoke shirts. I know stuff.

  10. Daftburger says:


    You were doing so well until you betrayed yourself by saying you never travel on buzzes so your comments on the working mans ballet are now null and void. You too have become so detached from your roots you’d need time travelling binoculars to see where you’ve come from! I believe you even go abroad for holidays! 😉

    And how dare you presume that we’ve anything in common other than the fact my dad was from Gowden’ill, I went to skool in Meir and we have a family history of working down’t pit. Oh and you’re a daft owd bugger! 😉


  11. Fauntleroy, esq says:

    Your sis Diane caught me slightly off kilter during our Sunday stroll, when she asked “What’s football all about then, I suppose I better start liking it if you do!”.
    I’ve offered to take her to a match but can’t help feeling you have to catch the bug early, to get it. 1978 for me, against Stoke I think, strangely enough!

  12. chiffs says:

    An annoying woman writes:

    Ooh, my favourite cross-dresser!

  13. OS. says:

    “time travelling binoculars” Thanks, Daftbugger. They’re on my Xmas list along with some new front teeth.

    Gowden’ill – Meir – pit – daft owd bugger…Either your mother was shging my dad or my dad was shging your mother…How are you, Bro? 🙂

  14. Daftburger says:

    Or you were shagging my mother. Hello Daddy! 😀

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