Not a Sean Scully


Fabric chessboard.

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6 Responses to Not a Sean Scully

  1. AndyP says:

    You just need a bit of Two-Tone Ska to go with it!

    Speaking of Tones, doing nothing, and nothing ever changing… How was the match yesterday? Did you go? The webcast sounded the usual – scrappy and not good to watch, typical flaws and concerns, but a welcome 3 points.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    In laws over = Foster banned from traveling.

    Rory, Rory, Rory!

  3. OS. says:

    Like the ‘Not a Sean Scully’, it wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. Like the ‘Not a Sean Scully’, it was pretty boring.


  4. AndyP says:

    It would seem that my adopted American Football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, might provide me with similar frustrations as Stoke City. I sat down to watch their preseason game against Miami Dolphins on the free channel 47. God it was dire. Defensively pretty good, holding Miami to 12 points in their back yard, but offensively – fairly woeful. Most drives barely got going, and the ones that did end up near the opponents end zone resulted at best with field goals or at worst, turnovers. So a 12-9 defeat and I was somewhat bored. Points courtesy of set pieces. Sound familiar?! 😉 Pulis out!

  5. AndyP says:

    Oh and I forgot to the add the indiscipline. The Jaguars gave away 11 penalties for a total of 98 yards, many were avoidable schoolboy errors – false starts etc – and one “flag on the play” cost them a touchdown. It’s all falling into place…

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