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Norwich City Council strike again

This new road marking has just come to my attention while walking Lemon round the ever longer block on his road to recovery. It’s on a suburban street some way off the city centre. I can’t see anything other than … Continue reading

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Benim Tanrım!

Tuncay Şanlı is signing for Stoke City!!!! This is officially a very happy day. The Money Shot!

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Norwich City Basket Cases

There’s a part of me that rather wishes I were writing a book on this club. Here is a very brief precis of their past season and a bit: Glenn Roeder gets sacked about last Christmas for poor results – … Continue reading

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Not officially fit yet

though it won’t be so long now; he is improvising by occasionally going for pole after three qualifying laps of kitchen, hall, dining room and front room. Dylan and Lemon, pre-several incidents

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Still blurred

The specs are not back yet. Georges Seurat was perhaps responsible for inventing, and certainly a principal practitioner of, Pointillism – painting using dots of colour. My favourite overheard gallery conversation was between a middle aged waspy American man and … Continue reading

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It’s all a bit of a blur

I’m having the prescription changed in my close-reading specs, they are away at the optician’s overnight, so at the moment thing*s are a bit more fuzzy than is usual in the Foster head cavity. Here, then, is one of Monet’s … Continue reading

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I can’t help but feel that I’m contributing to all this

Intellectually-titled poster Mr Daftburger has alerted me to this article saying how rubbish football is which contains more than a germ of truth in it’s wry note of parody. Still, I wouldn’t want that to put anyone off taking out … Continue reading

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