Dylan at Dunwich

we dropped down to Suffolk this morning, for a change of scenery – very busy with holidaymakers, could hardly get into Southwold. Am recommending somewhere else if it’s quietness you’re looking for.


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8 Responses to Dylan at Dunwich

  1. RAF says:

    I always used to take my 2 springers down to Hunstanton Beach when I was located in Norfolk, and very nice it was to.
    The only thing was I couldn’t get them out of the sea when it was time to go.


  2. PaniniPete says:

    I went to Southwold a couple of years back, I loved it, beautiful church and a very nice pub on the walk overt to it opposite the inland lighthouse or what ever it is.
    Don’t agree with having pets as they have a tendency to die on you and I don’t do sad.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    O yes it’s beautiful all right, it was just too full. Perhaps it’s people having UK holidays for credit crunch times or perhaps it’s always like that in the summer…

  4. PaniniPete says:

    We were lucky then, there were only a handful of people there when we visited. Loved the timber pier and the coloured huts aswell.

  5. calvininjax says:

    Springer spaniels do love water, don’t they?

    Mine would plunge into the River Etherow in the middle of January.

    I remember his first encounter with the sea. He ran back out as the first wave approached. But he soon got the hang of it.

    Happy days.

  6. RAF says:

    Yes I think that’s why I loved them so much, because they were a little unhinged just like me.
    I used to take them onto RAF Coltishall airfield and lose them for an hour while they chased rabbits.
    The water however was something to behold for the pair.


  7. Jude says:

    Dylan’s looking great. Very sleek. I belatedly picked up that Ollie has left us, by the way…I’m so sorry, I was gutted to read it.

  8. Patty says:

    Ohhhhh, just look at him. What a handsome boy he’s grown into! Looks like he’s considering bolting down the beach. Lemon and Dylan must love you and chiffs very much….you are so good to them and always see they get their running in.

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