Is it a sign?

Once more we interrupt the Norfolk and Norwich photojournalistic odyssey, this time for a newsflash of AndyP’s Signs of Jacksonville, Florida (Don’t go that way >>>)


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5 Responses to Is it a sign?

  1. OS. says:

    That is simplistic brilliance. Those Yanks aren’t as daft as we think they are. They should errect another one at the other end of that street/track which says ‘Right Way’. 🙂


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    No, the one at the other end should say Wrong Way too. Make it properly existential.

  3. RAF says:

    I think the other side of the sign should have a picture of a lady’s nether regions.
    That way not only do you know it’s the right way not the wrong way but it would also bring a smile to ones face and trouser area of a morning.
    Nowt homophobic mind!


  4. Stephen Foster says:

    That would be rather brilliant, no doubt. Why don’t you write the plan to the State Governor?

  5. RAF says:

    I shall sharpen my quill immediately!

    And don’t bother with the double entendres I can see I’ve left it open oo err missus!


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