The one where Ermintrude became a bus

Quite a lot of contentious public transport issues in this episode (for AndyP) to consider. Not to mention something rather missing from the end…

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6 Responses to The one where Ermintrude became a bus

  1. AndyP says:

    Hmm, buses, trains and bicycles. It could be a Green Party election broadcast! 😉 I approve!

    I’d love to know (a) what the original (French) storyline was and (b) what drugs were taken by the English scriptwriters to come up with that.

    Missing…Zebedee surely. It’s time for bed.

  2. OS. says:

    **Picture the scene**

    Old bloke switches on the pc. Clicks on winger’s blog. Clicks on embedded video and sits fascinated and with a permanent grin on his face for five whole minutes as he watches Magic Roundabout. The downside is that it’s the best bit of entertainment he’s watched for a while…even better than the daily dose of Spongebob Squarepants he watches morning and afternoon.

    Haven’t you got a book to write, winger? I’m becoming worried about you.


  3. RAF says:

    Apparently I used to cry when the Magic Roundabout finished according to my Mother.
    Strange that I don’t remember last year that well.


  4. RAF says:

    See OS a full post without expletives, the world is in fact a better place because of it, and Winger gets to keep his BLOG.
    Result on both sides I reckon!


  5. OS. says:

    Well done RAFF [as winger calls you in his book.] I’m not sure whether he’s being deliberate with that monica because it could mean half of RIFF-RAFF, which could be apt. 🙂

    You can say ‘bugger’ and suchlike on here but descriptive expeletives of ladies’ anatomy is a no-go. 😉

    Now back to Zebedee. Where is he? Don’t cry, RAFF.


  6. RAF says:

    How dare you I own a house in the posh part of Cheshyre don’t you know!


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