A message from my great editor in NYC

I was just struggling to keep this blog multifarious and totally happening when I opened up this ace correspondence from Marian Lizzi. Jack and I met her for lunch when we were over there in February and for reasons that will become obvious if you click the link, we loved her.

Marian is the woman who sent me the gizmo orange peeling device.

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5 Responses to A message from my great editor in NYC

  1. OS says:

    Gizmos, eh. I need something to stop me falling down the stairs when I’m drunk. Elastic shoes that sort of balance me out when I’m past the perpendicular.

    I tried inventing pair using this formula…

    y – 0 = 9(x – 0)
    y = 9x

    …but I still fell down. 😉


  2. chiffs says:

    Ah, that’s because the formula isn’t formulated to the formulaic calculation, i.e. my mother’s response to all my questions:
    Y is a letter you ought to know better.

    Also, the “gumshoe” formula of which you speak relies on the equation thus:
    pissedness (P) ~ length of staircase (Oh!) x glasses on head (fule) to give: P-O/fule = A&E, quick.
    I thank you.

  3. OS says:

    Bravo, ChiffS. Your knowledgeableness never fails to impress me. The ‘Gumshoe Formula’ is one of the most sought after Eureka moments by all scientists. Unfortunately, I’m afraid your formula is wrong; it misses out a few elements of the equation:
    m x i -pm2 = d where (m) is malleability, (i) is impact and (p) is the probabilty that said fule’s body will be malleable on impact thereby reducing (d) = damage) Also, there is an unknown in this equation; (T) = thud. Most often, (T) is magnified to the power of 6 by drunken fule which gives the impression that (m x i – pm2 = d) when, in fact, said fule often gets up grinning rather than A&E, quick. 😉

    OS. XXX

  4. chiffs says:

    Ah, neatly put Professor OS. I forgot to factor in the ‘rubber bones’ malleability element. Now I’m getting a picture of you as Mr Soft. http://www.youtube.com/watch

    I know, you’ll un-disable it for me ; )

  5. OS says:

    Is this it?

    Miraculously, that linky led me to the footage of me getting home from the pub on my bike.

    I gave up on that and took the bus…


    OS. XXX

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