Q. What do you call a thousand lawyers chained to the bottom of the sea?

A. A start.

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11 Responses to Anti-legalist

  1. mum says:

    Crabtain Nemo,s leeches in plaice ! Lol !

  2. OS says:

    Oi, Mum, you should have taken up a career on the stage! XXX 🙂

    Where did you get that one from, winger? Philip? It sounds like one of his droll jokes. He rang me yesterday. He was concerned for me which is more than I can say for you. I’m making arrangements to visit Eli. I’ll keep u informed about his sex life/or lack of. 😉


  3. Stephen Foster says:

    I thought that one would bring Mother out … :–)

    It was in a filum we were watching last night OS. R u seeing Eli today?

  4. OS says:

    No, next week if that’s ok with him. He said ‘anytime’ but I know how he works. I told him I was cumming but have had no confirmashun yet. I think he’s thinking it over. After all, having me for an overnight isn’t summat you do lightly. 😉 I suggested we do Italian. This may nock you back but I aint never been in an Italian restaurant in my life. I reckon instead of St P’burg next year, we find ourselves a nice little village in the outback of Italy and sit with the oldies, getting thoroughly pissed drinking some of their vintage red for a few days. Chow.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    I wouldn’t like to see you with a load of spaghetti dribbling down your chin, but Swiss Tony would look good in Florence. I know a decent Youth Hostel we could all use there too.

  6. OS says:

    “I know a decent Youth Hostel we could all use there too.”

    Haha. Can you see Eli dossing in his linen suit or Mr Pink roughing it in his chic touriste gear? Swiss wouldn’t go there…no room for all his suitcases. I’d be ok, I look like a bloody tramp anyway, and your creased gear wouldn’t be out of place. 😉

  7. AndyP says:

    If the PHW bunch can find their way to Siena from around the 19th October Tina and I should be there for her brother’s wedding and her birthday. Down the road from Florence, and plenty of Tuscan villages nearby for OS to get pissed up with the locals 😉 I wonder what Italian sounds like with a Potteries accent? No doubt Winger would also appreciate a drop of decent Chianti for a change from the Sancerre.

    AndyP by the Sea

  8. OS says:

    Sienna sounds a good idea, Andy. That would be an outing for the Boskamp Bummers Bus rather than the Berlin Stokies. RAF prefers the BB’s and he wants in on the next trip, and seeing as you’ve become a bastardised Brit, [unlike Calvin who is a fully fledged but reluctant Yank] it might be our last chance to get the BBB on the roll. Wot’s the nearest airport to Sienna? We could gate crash that wedding do big styleeeee. 😉

    Eli likes Chianti. So do I. And spggetti. [That’s Pottery for spaghetti.] 😉


  9. AndyP says:

    Pisa is about about 1.5 hours away and a budget airline destination. Bologna is about 2 hrs away, and there is also an airport at Florence but not sure of the size or schedules (lots of airlines class Pisa as the airport for Florence). Train services are pretty good too! 😉

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    It was only a matter of time before Mussolini’s great achievement came up :–)

    We are legally allowed to travel abroad as a group unless there is a crucial end-of-season fixture to be missed. Tina’s brother needs to re-schedule for May 2010.

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