What’s buried under dem slabs?

Trezza has been going trough the first half of the m/s with the red pen. She found several (hundred) tpyos. And then there was this >

‘What the hell were they saying?’ asked Jack. He might support Stoke City, but his ear is tuned into the patios of rap and grime, and to southern vowel sounds.

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7 Responses to What’s buried under dem slabs?

  1. calvininjax says:

    Check your archives.

    I drew your attention to “patios” several months ago. You were obviously too busy chewing a brick.

    Honestly, I don’t know why I bother. 😉

  2. AndyP says:

    It was correct in my copy of the draft!

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    most humle apoolgies Calvin.

    The sad fact of the matter is that Trezza has already done considerable work on that Mr P. At one point Rory hurled an abject…

  4. OS says:

    Have you sorted the ‘line out’ thing or is that still a joke I didn’t get? Poor ChiffS.

    Calvin, you really wouldn’t believe how how dysfunkshunal he is! He spent a month editing the 2nd draft of my book after I’d sent him the 8th draft. Then, when we fell out big style about it, he informed me that his email address wasn’t working and that he’d changed to a new addy. Of course, he didn’t tell me he had done that. I despair sometimes. 😦


  5. Stephen Foster says:

    There’s a grain of truth in that: the email address I’d changed had been changed five years ago: why OS suddenly started sending stuff there only he knows…

  6. OS. says:

    You’re taking poetic licence to the limit there winger. Do one!

    I see our Eli is becoming obssessed with desks and chairs over there. I’ve been trying to write summat on his blog but his latest scribble is worrying me. Do you think this obssession with office furniture can be attributed to his sex life at the moment? I think I’d better go and spend a weekend with him to sort his head out. Wodya think?

    That cheque hasn’t cleared yet. I’ve had Two Finger Al on the blower this am.


  7. Stephen Foster says:

    * I think I’d better go and spend a weekend with him to sort his head out. Wodya think? *

    Is this some sort of aversion-Therapy :–)

    The cq has cleared my end mate, so call the dogs off.

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