Bank Holiday Dylan


What he’s saying here is: Okay, Stoke City have had a brilliant season and will be in the Premiership next year, but so what: for me the Summer of Love lies ahead.

Final score: Arsenal 4-1 Stoke City, carnival time and no one could care less!

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3 Responses to Bank Holiday Dylan

  1. AndyP says:

    Staying up with such ease. Who would have thought it after that dismal opening day at Bolton? The season seems to have flown by. Rubbish away from home, but dull and successful at the Brit. A tried and tested Pulis formula that works even though it is frustrating to endure. I look forward to your assessment of it in the coming book. I fear it will be no longer “Pulis out!” 😉

    By the way did you know our rotund Dutch friend parted company with Dender on 19th May, the day I flew to the US? Apparently he fell out with his assistant so left by mutual agreement. The assistant is in control for the play offs to avoid relegation. Not a good start today, only managing a 1-1 draw at home.

    Enjoy the Bank Holiday. It’s been a scorcher here today.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Excellent Belgian information. That will be mentioned. The Boss do not suffer fules gladly. Keep me informed re specialist Dender play off reconnaisance and intelligence.

    Last knockings today at Emirates:

    Cheer up Alan Shearer
    O what can it mean
    To a sad Geordie bastard
    and a shite football teammmmm.


    He’s taking you down
    He’s taking you down
    Your Geordie Messiah
    He’s taking you down.

    Happy Days. About 100 degrees too. Many perspiring Stokies to the square inch.

  3. chiffs says:

    Dylan Rampant – I’m thinking of getting a scale model to put on the bonnet of the car.

    Well done Stoke!
    Commiserations Newcastle. One for sorrow and all that.

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