Proud to be Loud

More from the last day. Those pieces of card that the boys are holding concertina up to make ‘clackers’ if you hit them against you knee. We don’t really need them, having been recorded as the makers of the loudest racket in football (& by some margin too) by Sky’s decibel-o-meter or whatever gizmo it is they use.


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10 Responses to Proud to be Loud

  1. OS says:

    It was a good day but I have holes in my trouser knees after praying to our glorious leader. 😉

  2. kevin says:

    Just read your book i never knew were all the same even though we done well i miss the lower divisons dunno why even the misses says god hes like you after browsing through your book great read took me back a few years oh and thanks for making me feel OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Stephen Foster says:

    I can’t be held responsible for your age mate ;–)

  4. AndyP says:

    How loud were you shouting “Pulis out”?! 😉

  5. kevin says:

    just heard you got new book the priemer edition of she stood thier laffing wheres easist place to get it ? Well oat cake says you got a book out

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    It’s out September 3rd Kevin – should be on sale in all the usual places like WH Smith and Waterstones in Hanley and online. It’s called ‘…And She Laughed No More.’

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    ‘…And She Laughed No More’ comes out on September 3rd, Kevin.

    Should be able to buy it from all the usual shops like Smiths, Webberleys, and Waterstones up Hanley duck and online.

  8. kevin says:

    Thanks steve I pre ordered book from amazon hope you were at hull i love to knoe you thoughts when lawence belted that one in. i had a tear in my eye for sure.One other think i bet u have to be a season ticket holder now Steve i am and hate having same seat every week. I travel 300 miles round trip every stoke game and had some realy lonley drives home alone.By the way we share same surname

    Block 22 row 25 boothern end were dreams are made and dashed

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    No – Old Stokie had arranged a weekend trip away on Hull weekend : we were in Krakow, Poland, watched it on a laptop!!

    Yep, we had to have season tekeets, they are in the Seddon Stand Block 28. I like it there as the singing travels round and we spend a lot of the match standing and the people all round are pretty good, no pricks ;–)

    Ours is 400 round, but normally I have the boys in the car with me, Jack and Graham – Where d’you live, then?

  10. kevin says:

    I live in catterick garrison north yorks i liked gordon banks when i was six and that was it stuck with stoke. Dad was in army so didnt have roots really. IV heard it ok in seddon stand and know wat you mean about a few dicks of the hoodie variety. maybe its me getting old but some are tooooooooooooooo drunk should be stopped getting in still love the bothern end though old habits die hard as im sure you know. see how season goes would like to meet if ok with you before a game just for 5 mins to put face to name keept it loud n proud


    kitkatkev on oatcake

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