Feet under

the table.


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11 Responses to Feet under

  1. Julie Hill says:

    He looks beautiful – and very much at home.

  2. Cat Frost says:

    What a wonderful picture 🙂 I have to admit to having a longing for lemon whilst he was on lurcherlink – but I’m glad he’s ended up with such a fantastic home. I’m looking forward to reading about him in the future (?!)

    Do you think we’ll be seeing you at the LL coursing event this year? Afterall, lemon is a lurcher 🙂

    Cat and lucher Harry

  3. Victoria says:

    As it should be – you will of course have another sofa elsewhere in the room for Dylan, as for yourselves ………….

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    I have to give it a good old vacuuming before I pull it out for a sofa bed when the in-laws show up. If I can be bothered ;–)

    I actually saw him first in some google search I was doing, Cat (“saluki rescue” or some such; we’d already had a couple of false starts on finding a friend for Dylan and I was just being a bit random about it) – he came up on dog blog (I think). I didn’t even notice he was on LL until links started coming into this site. He is a good lad, and he certainly ‘does stuff’ but I think 2 ‘dog lits’ is enough. The coursing event might be nice though. When is it?

  5. Susan Coldock says:

    Hi Stephen, We have to say that this is one of the nicest pics of Lemon we have seen – looking as we always remember him, very noble and aloof – very typical saluki traits.

    Also nice to see he has his feet under the table, but just watch his feet do not extend ontop of the table…… sue and keith

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    Hi Sue & Keith: he is settling in fine – he’s no trouble off lead at the moment & in fact I risked a jog with them both last night (far side of a lake, nowhere dangerous to go) and he practically stuck to my hip: he seems quite clingy to the ‘new human.’

    Him and Dylan had their first spat last night, fighting over a toy: Dylan yelped, Lemon scarpered as if to say: ‘It wasn’t me, I wasn”t even there…’

  7. makemeadiva says:

    He looks cool and I suspect he knows it!

    Our lad flung his new ball on a rope about this morning smashing a print of the Santa Maria in Venice. Nice lurchery work for first thing in the morning, only narrowly beaten by the encounter with a “vertically-challenged” foxlet in our garden before 8 yesterday morning. Apparently the next-door neighbour went white on account of the kerfuffle.

    I daren’t interrupt the politico debate on the other post but it strikes me that they could all meet in the middle with a bit of “Transitioning”…


    I want a wood-burning stove and to eat my own vegetables!

  8. Nettie says:

    Oh my Steven, he looks like Indy did in his younger days, now he’s all grey and wonky but at 15 to be expected.

  9. megan says:

    where did you get the idea of lemon for a dog’s name ,not that it is a bad name, maybe you could get another dog and call it lime 🙂

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    Hi Megan: that’s the name he came with – they have a letter each day at the kennels where they take in the stray dogs that they find on the streets and on his day it was the letter L and Lemon seemed to suit him. If he’d gone in a day later he might have been called Melon! I must say though, shouting LEMON COME BACK HERE! in the park is a bit embarrassing.

    How is your new sister? And Mr JoJo?

  11. megan says:

    she is ok and so is joe there geting the hang of a bath and soap

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