Relegation: it’s cosmic

It befalls many of us, at the appropriate conflict between our ‘hallowed turf’ © and Mars on the solar chart, to find our club in the 3rd Division. Norwich City made it there this afternoon (for the first time in fifty years) following a spineless display at Charlton – they were 3-0 down after a mere thirty minutes to a club who were already relegated: F/T: 4-2. I may live here, but I’m exceptionally glad I don’t support a team that habitually capitulates like that: the last time they were in trouble they lost 6-0 to Fulham on the last day. Fulham. Change the yellow shirts, I’d say.
I just passed by the ground and saw this below. There were four morose teenagers, who had travelled to the match, kicking a ball about beside it. ‘Did you do that?’ I said. ‘We did the poster and the shirt,’ they replied. ‘What about the alien?’ I asked. He was already there, they said.


The poignant detail is that they’ve written ‘joke’ with a little arrow pointing at the club badge. That’s bad.

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4 Responses to Relegation: it’s cosmic

  1. OS says:

    More free stuff for the book, winger. 😉 My regards to Ben. I reckon he is good ‘Berlin’ material.

    Seeya in Kracow…if you can find us. 🙂

    M. le etc…

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Tried to persuade him but he has some of HM Inspectors of Solicitors coming in on the Monday. Told him to just come out for 24 hours then, but he is a bit too much of a tightwad for that sort of tomfoolery.

  3. Colin says:

    Sir, I’m glad to see you referring to it as the ‘3rd Division,’ for that is what it is. Not ‘League One’ or ‘the third tier of English football’; it is the 3rd of our 4 divisions.
    If the alien had been in defence this season, we might have had a better chance of staying ‘up.’ Come to think of it, if those ‘four morose teenagers’ were kicking it hard and straight, they’ll probably be in line for a call-up next season…
    Good luck to SCFC, although my guess is you’re ‘safe’ already.
    Please keep up the good work with this blog- I like it very much.

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks for those kind remarks Colin & welcome to the blog.

    You’ve probably seen Pulisball down at Carrow Road once or twice – it certainly isn’t pretty but I’ve never seen one of his teams capitulate like yours did on Monday, and in a ‘probable one year’ in the Premiership campaign you care a lot less about the style if you can get a result.

    I think we are safe, not least because we have beaten those below us in recent weeks, plus which none of them can win a game to save their lives…

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