New Labour

There have been many low points: hearing David Blunkett advising the world that the public is losing faith with politicians and that they’d better clean their act up before it’s all too late was the nadir of all nadirs. You mean it’s not like in your day David, when all the best Home Secretaries fast-tracked the nanny application on behalf of the mistress in Mayfair? My, how standards have slipped.

I don’t know what to do next election, but this shower can forget it.

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  1. AndyP says:

    New Labour = New Thatcherites

    You know my views on the matter, and although the electoral system makes it an almost pointless exercise voting anything other than the “big 3”, I shall be sticking my x next to the Green candidate.

  2. AndyP says:

    PS there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth down the road from you tonight after the Canaries’ capitulation in the capital.

  3. OS says:

    Is the Monster Raving Loony Party still going? If so, they’ll get my vote. I prefer a bunch lunatics than a bunch of hypocritical b’stards any day.

    Angry Anon.

  4. Christina says:

    Um, wasn’t really planning to post anymore, but can’t resist this as I have pretty strong feelings about Blunkett (a local MP….still…. unfortunately) and the Greens. I sort of heckled Blunkett once at a rather small gathering and got ‘hushed’ by the Lib Dems, and I was involved with the Greens at a local and national level for a while – mostly anti-war campaigning. Despite the flaws in the electoral system, it is worth voting Green – they are getting a new councillor on Sheffield City Council every election right now and making quite a difference already locally. Sounds like a long hawl, but it’ll hit a critical point sometime. So, good on ya Andy; don’t get angry, get Green, OS; and for you Stephen… (or maybe you’ve already been there and aren’t convinced?).

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    ‘sort of heckled’

    I’m surprised you didn’t get asked to President of the Lib Dems for that 🙂

    Andy has sent me the relevant pages of the Green parry Manifesto on ‘the Arts.’ He’s campaigned me harder than anyone else anyway & deserves a vote for that. And now there’s two of you …

  6. Christina says:

    Well, I thought I was just asking a relevant question, but they seemed to consider it heckling! Maybe it was a Lib Dem test, and I failed it by obliging and sitting down. Next time…
    But then I’m not sure if I’d like to head the Lib Dems…maybe I would..maybe not..depends on the weather…..ooh, I’d be perfect!

    I used to be a member of the Green Party, and I stood for them once locally…. 300+ people voted for me, and I didn’t even campaign ‘cus I was busy trying to stop a war. I sometimes wonder which way the vote would have gone if the voters had actually known me! Still strongly believe in the Greens and vote for them. I think they are the only party with a realistic vision for a better future…real changes need to be made…all this tweaking at the edges is getting us nowhere. Two other reasons for voting Green. They are the only party to create policies and unwaveringly stick to them and work to get the voters on board rather than bending to get votes – I have great admiration for that kind of stance. And Caroline Lucas, the Green leader, is a very cool lady – highly educated and intelligent, principled, action not just words. We invaded a US base together once whilst on a demo – I noted only men were leaping the gate, she said ‘go on then’, I said ‘you first – you’re the MEP!’. We went together, hitting the ground running – great fun! Then we were escorted off the base by a nice man in uniform with a lovely GSD, that I had a nice chat with him about. So civilised!

    Anyway, this is a long post – sorry – but the future of mankind and dogkind and monkey kind, etc. is at stake…. All depends on your vote….

  7. AndyP says:

    Well said Christina. Many years ago I was a member of the Labour Party but I left when it lurched rightwards. In fact I prefer the view that a fellow Green Party Member holds… “I didn’t leave the Labour Party, it left me”. How true. My views have hardly changed but Labout has forgotten its roots, its core support, and has moved ever Thatcherite over the last 10 years in particular. I decided to join the Green Party last year for many of the reasons Christina has outlined above.

    Today we have the announcement that Harriet Harman doesn’t want to be be PM. Phew thank goodness for that small mercy, I can now sleep soundly in my bed tonight. The way Gordon Brown is acting these days I don’t think he wants to be PM either. He won’t be for much longer at this rate. Oh the irony; years of desiring the position, years of sulking as Blair did not stand aside, only to get the job then probably be out within a short time and likely to be remembered as one of the most unpopular PMs in history. Some people are born to greatness, some people have greatness thrust upon on them, some make a complete arse of it! 😉

    But the real depressing thing is the alternative. While I’d love to see Labour out I would hate to see the Tories get in. I despise the Conservative Party about the same as I do Tony Pulis. If you think it will be any better under that crowd of Old Etonian public spending slashers you’ve another thing coming. Cameron has no substance and no discernible policies to offer. He has borrowed his methodology from Blair, ditching philosophy for presentation in return for electability, using personality and soundbite to achieve popularity without providing coherent solutions to the problem. The solutions they offer are riddled with contradiction. What a choice, the pseudo Tories or the real Tories. No wonder the country is down the shitter. Let’s try some right wing stuff for 10 years, oh that didn’t work, let’s vote in some even more right wing crowd and try that. Ah, er, no. Let’s not bother.

    Lest we forget today is the 30th anniversary of Mrs Thatcher’s election. We are still paying for policies and the shift to the right she brought to British politics. BBC Parliament Channel has been showing the 1979 Election Special (Decision 79) all of today, a fascinating if not morbid piece of history in the making. It was David Dimbleby’s first election night broadcast, and he was joined by Robin Day, Angela Rippon and Sue Lawley. It was entertaining to see the wild fashions and bizarre facial hair of the period (you know who I’m talking about Jack Straw), but in a another stark contrast to today, my biggest laugh was reserved for Robin Day’s sneaky drag on his cigar between questions, and a plume of smoke being blown across camera in front of his guest as they answered. 🙂

    For those who missed that 1979 result, Thatcher won, and the country lost.

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    Freedom for Tooting!

    Okay, let’s get serious: that Caroline Lucas is not repulsive to look at and she’s done some stuff involving hurdling a fence and bonding with a dog; plus which Christina got 300 votes by doing nothing specific towards it* (that’s Front bench stuff) : I’m nearly there. So long as I don’t have to ride a bike and catch trains … ;–)

    * Anti-war demoing noted and approved. AndyP sometimes texts me from the frontline while I’m ‘working’ (watching football).

  9. OS. says:

    How about UKIP? I’m fed up with the bloody Gerry’s and Frogs and especially that bloody German woman. She looks like she needs a good shagging to mellow her ugly mug.

    Mmmm…so now I have two choices: the MRLP or UKIP. Both simple four letter abbreviations and I’m a bit averse to wishy-washy green stuff so I can’t vote for them. Power to the people, I say. 😉


  10. Stephen Foster says:

    Funny, I thought I’d got the anti-loony filter switched to the On postition…

  11. AndyP says:

    OS – there’s nowt wishy-washy about the Greens. Just old fashioned socialist ideals naturally married with environmentalism. Take a look at their policies on Europe. Far better than the “little Englander” jingosim of UKIP. Greens don’t like the EU either, not in its curent form anyway. The Greens are all about giving power to the people. The ideas are correct, the main obstacle is the first past the post electoral system which favours a two party system.

    Winger, there’s something alluring about Ms Lucas it has to be said. Sian Berry (Green Party candidate for London Mayor 2008) is also very delightful to look at as well as listen to 😉

  12. OS. says:

    “Funny, I thought I’d got the anti-loony filter switched to the On postition…”

    Phhhtttt! I can easily hack my way past that!


    “The ideas are correct, the main obstacle is the first past the post electoral system which favours a two party system.”

    The first-past-the-post system makes for strong government and less cosy snuggles in back rooms hatching plans over a glass of Sancerre. All it would take for you and winger to adopt a policy would be the flutter of the eyelids of an alluring, green-eyed female with hefty busts. Being a more pragmatic fellow, I wouldn’t settle for anything less than an ‘over-the-wall-in-the-park-for-fifty-Euros’ moment of passion.

    Nah…just look at Italy and Israel for the reason why I favour an all-out first-past-the-post system. Italy has had 61 governments in 63 years and has ended up with a fascist as head of state.

    Carry on. 😉


  13. Christina says:

    Ooh, I woke up thinking I’d overposted yesterday…pleased to see you overdid me Andy!


    OS, do I sound wishy washy? Do I??? I HATE wishy washy! That’s why I’m not ever going to be a Lib Dem…no matter how much they beg! As for an over the wall in the park for 50 euros, well, there’s a limit to how far a girl will go for a vote….And, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Italy have a fascist as head of state prior to those 63 years? As for Israel, I think it’s not the electoral system that’s the problem…

    Andy, yes, yes, yes! And maybe we’ve brushed shoulders at a demo. I’m an alluring green eyed blond with a hefty bust!

    Stephen, riding bikes, catching trains, wearing sandals, eating beans and so on are not compulsory for all Greens voters…though when we have the power, we may introduce those laws! Oh and I say ‘we’ cus I rejoined yesterday!

    And has anyone mentioned yet that Caroline is up for election as an MP soon (Brighton, I think) and stands a good chance of winning. I look forward to her very non wishy washy contributions to parliamentary debate…

    It’s raining up here. Will someone come and take the dogs out for me?

  14. Stephen Foster says:

    If this turns out to be a dating service between AP and Christina I’ll be looking for an introductory fee.

    It’s raining here too, but mine are conked out after having met the fastest whippet-greyhound bitch I’ve even seen this morning. Even working as a pair they could get nowhere near her. At one point she took them up a bank and then circled back round and flew about twenty feet off the other side of it. It was great sport to see.

  15. Christina says:

    I’d have joined a dating agency if I wanted to pay….very broke right now too…alluring but broke! How about some free proof reading, though I’m sure you don’t need that!

    My favourite word alluring…with a long u and a roll of the r..

    Yes, it makes your heart sing, seeing them run for the sheer joy of it….

    I have work to do…this stuff is quite addictive, isn’t it?

  16. AndyP says:

    No OS what first-past-the-post delivers is the chance for governments without a democratic majority (e.g Thatcher and Blair getting around 43% of votes cast) having a huge majority of seats and being able to do pretty much what they like without scrutiny and accountability. It also delivers the concept of the “wasted vote” because it doesn’t matter if you win by one vote or 10,000, you get in and those extra votes are surplus to winning the seat. Plus if you are for example a Labour voter in a strong Tory seat your vote is pretty pointless unless you enter the realms of tactical voting, turning to someone else to keep the Tories out. It isn’t then a true reflection of your principles / aspirations / intentions. How is it democratic that we have a system that the Liberal-SDP Alliance won 25% of the vote in 1983 and got just 23 seats when Labour polled 27% of the vote and got 209 seats. With just 42% of the vote the Tories got a whopping 397 seats and look where that got us!

    Italy may have had a fascist as a head of state but I don’t think we’re far behind with Thatcher and Blair! 😉

  17. OS. says:

    Christina…you sound like my kinda girl…strong and sexy. I’ll get my old German helmet and jackboots out of hibernation and we’ll have a ‘do’.

    “OS, do I sound wishy washy? Do I??? I HATE wishy washy! That’s why I’m not ever going to be a Lib Dem…no matter how much they beg! As for an over the wall in the park for 50 euros, well, there’s a limit to how far a girl will go for a vote….And, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Italy have a fascist as head of state prior to those 63 years? As for Israel, I think it’s not the electoral system that’s the problem…”

    Penultimate point first: yes, old Musso was a tad on the fascist side I believe. This guy in now reminds me of him. BUT, I like the Ities. They have a certain alluringness (said in your long u and a roll of the r’s)…and that’s before I get to the wimmin! 😉

    Final point…do you really want to go there? I’ll just say that if you’re living in a house with a bunch of loonies all around you, you build strong walls and keep a baseball bat handy. The one thing you don’t try and do is reason with them.

    Back to wishy-washy-Andy. And don’t deny it, Andy. Anybody who attends a lecture by Tony Benn lives in cloud cuckooooooo land. Make love not war. It would be wonderful but some of your lovers would soon be off with your wallet after you’d shagged them. What then? No, I’ll stick to the majority vote for now. It’s served us pretty well up to now except for a few isolated incidents. If you want an example of how parties work together in the national interest, just look at their behaviour in this terrible crisis we are facing. They’re more concerned with scoring political points than seriously sorting out the country. I wouldn’t give you tuppence for any of the self-serving b’stards.

    But, I will have a looksee at the Green agenda and let you know what I think. If it attracts sexy ladies like Christina then it’s worth a gander.

    I’ll be back. 😉


  18. AndyP says:

    “If you want an example of how parties work together in the national interest, just look at their behaviour in this terrible crisis we are facing. They’re more concerned with scoring political points than seriously sorting out the country. I wouldn’t give you tuppence for any of the self-serving b’stards.”

    Quite, and that’s what our current political system has served up for us. Three main parties all in the right wing authoritarian quadrent of the political compass with little to choose between them other than personalities and the “who would manage best” arguments. When you get an orthodoxy like this with little difference between them, people get fed up with politics, cynical, apathetic or look to radically different alternatives like the BNP who have been clever to entice disillusioned voters with simplistic (but hate filled) arguments. The challenge for the Greens is to show they are the real alternative to the “Big 3”, and that their policies offer ordinary people a chance to have a better life. Caroline Lucas has a good chance of winning the Brighton Pavillion constituency at the next election despite the ways of the first-past-the-post system, but realistically any move into the mainstream will need a system of proportional representation. I also think that will improve our democracy and involvement in it rather than ruin it.

    As for Tony Benn, look up some of his speeches on YouTube, much of what he has to say is common sense. I prefer his vision of the Labour Party than the right wing buffoons that currently shape its direction.

  19. Stephen Foster says:

    It must irk the BNP bonehead element of SoT that the Mighty Potters have six players from an Islamic nation in the team, and that kids are wandering around Dakar wearing Stoke shirts. Numerous are the small pleasures that Pulis provides ;–)

  20. Christina says:

    OS – Loonies? Ouch….But no, I won’t go there here…not the right place for it, I don’t think. Suffice to recommended you some reading…. The ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilian Pappe (an Israeli) and The fateful Triangle by Noam Chomsky (a Jew).

    I also attended a Tony Benn lecture…and organised a rally for him beforehand!

    Strong and sexy, maybe, but also living in cookoo land….

  21. Christina says:

    …..that’s where the posh long vowel cuckoos live!

  22. AndyP says:

    OS – Give me Cuckooland over Brown’s Britain any day 😉 You may say I’m a dreamer, but I”m not the only one it would seem. I have to live in hope that we can make a better world or we might as well just pack it all in. There are reasons to be cheerful. The “cuckooland” ideas of the Ecology Party (which became the Green Party) were laughed at 30 years ago as being ridiculous. Today environmentalism has moved more into the spotlight, and we see the mainstream parties nicking the Green Party’s ideas (albeit with little intention of implementing them to the extent that is needed). One day folk will wake up and realise without radical change life is going to be a lot more unpleasant.

  23. Stephen Foster says:

    …..that’s where the posh long vowel cuckoos live!

    * very good *

    Rousing stuff Mr P, am on verge of standing as a candidate here, (the Christina way).

  24. AndyP says:

    OS. Enjoy this rant and tell me you don’t agree with it! 😉 I could see you stood there giving it some welly! The Hon Member for Dresden. Hear! Hear! Hear!

  25. Christina says:

    Nothing wishy washy about Benn, eh?

    I remember my dad couldn’t stand him when I was a kid, so I thought he was a nutter…and then a ‘few’ years later I was meeting him at the station, with a couple of colleagues, to escort him to the rally. He appeared at the top of the stairs, this icon, looking like my grandad, bless. Such a nice man, and so very sharp, still……

    Please tell me OS isn’t a real person…..

  26. OS. says:

    “Please tell me OS isn’t a real person…..”

    Oh, I’m real. Trust me on that one. I used to work down the pit, you know. Size ten shovel and arrrrd graft. Black as the ace of spades I was and never been near the Carribean. I’m not a softie middle class wishy-washy like Andy. I would have loved to have gotten (Americanism) some of the pollytishuns in the crut with me…especially that Tony Benn fella. He wouldn’t have lasted two minutes with some of the blokes I worked with…loadsa Poles including a Jewish one who had survived Aushwitz, Hungarians, Germans…you name ’em, I’ve worked with ’em all, but I never saw an Ayrab down there. Socialists every last one of ’em and not one had ever seen a youtube vid. That’s my grounding. And after all that, they dare close my bloody Post Office! 😦

    I’ll still have a look at the Green agenda. Now winger is taking up the challenge and going to stand in Naaarwich, I could be tempted if he buys the Sancerre and Riocha in Krakow. See, I know how it works…you have to buy votes with promises of creating a Utopia where everything is laid on a plate and idealism is the way forward. If only. I can tell you one secret, the only party that is ruled out is the scum BNP. I’d rather be back in the crut than vote for them b’stards.

    NB: Andy is ace with a British Rail timetable. 😉


  27. calvininjax says:

    Make a better world, Andy?

    You are going to have to have a pretty big Lego set to achieve that.

    Actually the world is a pretty amazing place as it is, I don’t think the efforts of the Green Party or any political party could do much to improve on its wonders.

    The area where improvement can be made is the people who inhabit the planet. If their behaviour can be made better, and I don’t mean using public transport instead of cars, then life could indeed be a lot better for your “ordinary” citizens.

    But how do you eradicate violence, exploitation, hatred, intolerance, envy, greed, lust and downright malevolence?

    Can’t see solar panels having much effect, can you?

    And how do you know that without radical change life is going to be more unpleasant? You don’t and your assertion that you do makes you no different than a right-wing Christian fundamentalist here in America, just different sides of the same coin.

    Throughout the ages members of the hair shirt brigade have been peddling similar nonsense. But you know what, life goes on and new technologies emerge to avert the predicted downfall of mankind.

    It happens every time.

    I am with OS. His political analysis is spot on due to the fact that he lives in the real world, knows how it works and, most important of all, understands the human condition.


    Disenfranchised of Jacksonville.

  28. Stephen Foster says:

    Os is hyper-real, Christina. Just be thankful this isn’t a scratch and sniff site.

  29. johnnyneptune says:

    My boys, we’re at the end of an age. We live in a land of weather forecasts… and breakfasts that ‘set in,’ shat on by Tories, shoveled up by Labour.
    And here we are… we three… perhaps the last island of beauty in the world. Now, which of you is going to be a splendid fellow and go down to the Rolls for the rest of the wine?

  30. OS. says:

    “Os is hyper-real, Christina. Just be thankful this isn’t a scratch and sniff site.” PMSL. 🙂

    Just been chatting to my Bro on the dog and bone. He shares the same view as Disenfranchised of Jacksonville. Although he’s a septegranian, he’s worried to death the Greens will put the price of petrol up. And he only does 20 miles per week.

    I see we’ve been joined by another middle-class-gayer now johnny has joined us. Where’s Greyers when you need important input. Last I saw of him he was on about people working in little boxes in a large office heated by solar panels and the whiff of synthetic bluebells wafting through the air. 😉

    Pulis out!!!


  31. AndyP says:

    Full marks to Johnny Neptune for the “Withnail & I” quote.

  32. OS. says:

    BTW, winger, I’m altering your email monica to Mr Green. I’ll send you one. 😉

    M.le etc… xXx [ng]

  33. Christina says:

    Gentlemen, some incoherencies in your arguments….

    OS – I think socialism is, roughly speaking, about all men being equal, including ‘Ayrabs’, one of whom I’m spending the afternoon with… And if you didn’t work with any Arabs, you didn’t work with ’em all!

    Jacksonville – I notice you dismiss solar panels but are relying on new technology to save mankind???
    Utopia…. I never saw that promise on any Green agenda. More like a realistic vision of a future in which this amazing planet will become a much less amazing, and hospitable, place….unless we act now and radically. And the reason we DO know that life is going to be more unpleasant is because the bulk of scientific knowledge now supports that assertion. This is not a religious belief, it’s fact. Aaaaagh!!!!

    And hey, ‘I’m alright Jacksonville’, life may be going on for us in this western bubble we live in, but life ends far too soon for too many people outside the bubble. And life on a bigger scale will not go on if we continue to destroy the ecosystem on which we humans rely, and indeed are a part of.

    No, a few solar panels aren’t gonna do it; infact, we’ve pretty much screwed it up no matter how many panels we put up – sea levels will rise, more of the world will become uninhabitable, etc. It’s now about damage limitation – cutting emissions, preventing further deforestation, capturing CO2 with ’emerging new technologies’ etc. And the longer we wait, fannying around, sitting on the fence, the worse things will be for our children and theirs.

    As for eradicating the more unpleasant side of human behaviour, well, no-one’s claiming to have a magic wand, but there are things we can do (eg. changing the focus re children’s education, ensuring more equal access to resources for everyone…and there’s a link to solar panels there) that would make things better. We live in a Thatcherite ‘me, me, me’ world, needless to say. ‘Me, you, me’ would be a whole lot better…..

    As for hair shirts, I don’t possess a one. Got organic cotton, hemp, bamboo…..but no hair…

    Hey, instead of knocking it, why don’t you try improving on it. Co-operation and collboration, not competition…or did the iron lady leave her mark on you too????

    And OS, today your mission is to go out and interact with at least one ‘Ayrab’.

  34. Christina says:

    What exactly does Andy do with British Rail timetable?

  35. Stephen Foster says:

    He flourishes it like a peacock displaying its feathers.

  36. Christina says:

    Now that’s worth paying 50 euros to see….

  37. AndyP says:

    “What exactly does Andy do with British Rail timetable?”

    “He flourishes it like a peacock displaying its feathers”

    PMSL! 🙂 Haha!
    Do British Rail actually exist these days? I’m not sure there’s a huge tome carrying all the times of trains like there used to be. However, Christina my reputation for a fondness for trains is well founded, the son of a railwayman and an advocate for public transport. The grief I get on here from OS and Winger regarding the timetables comes from a delightful weekend in Brussels with them in April 2008 where my research into the Belgium railways got us safefy (and cheaply) back to the hotel after a football match. Without me OS would still be lying in some Belgium gutter, and Winger would have no doubt shacked up with some Denderleuuw gamine swigging sancerre. 😉

  38. Christina says:

    Belgium – the country of my ancestors – the trains are so much nicer there… and punctual, and as for that Duvel….

    Did Winger thank you for that????

  39. OS. says:

    “And OS, today your mission is to go out and interact with at least one ‘Ayrab’.”

    Aktually, Christina, I shall be speaking to my very good friend, Akhtar Parvez, this very afternoon as I do most afternoons. We get on great. When he told me that he prays 5 times a day and it is now starting at 5am, I told him that it’s no wonder they have such large families cus when I was a young man, I always woke up with a permanent errection so if he was the same…! He laughed. He’s not one of those who want to send rockets into my back garden. It would be a waste of a rocket anyway cus all I’ve got in there is a paradoxical giant Bonsai tree. 😉

    All trains lead to Sodor, eh Andy. I bet Tony Benn loves Thomas and Henry and George and Diesel. He should put his permanent soapbox on there…and it’s very green! BTW, thanks for rescuing us in Belgium. It would have been a long walk back from Denderleuuw and I would never have got to share those chips with mar mate, the old man of Brussels. 🙂

    This thread is becoming like an Oatcake classic from way back.


  40. Christina says:

    My turn to PMSL…

    Good boy, OS! Your reward is waiting in Utopia…

    (I just humour him, right guys?)

  41. Stephen Foster says:

    Use him and abuse him, he loves it.

  42. calvininjax says:

    Actually, Christina, I am not all right in Jacksonville, far from it but I won’t bore you with the details.

    Instead of “the bulk of scientific knowledge supports the assertion that life is going to be more unpleasant,” try some scientists support that view. Others hold a contrary view.

    I guess the truth lies somewhere in between.

    Sadly, missionary zeal often overlooks the truth, especially when the truth contradicts the foundations of that zeal — creationism being a prime example.

    And your conviction that you are right and everyone else is wrong is really no different from the creationists. Like I said before, just different sides of the same coin.

    I think the “me, me, me” philosophy was in existence long before Margaret Thatcher came into power, indeed long before she or her forebearers ever came into existence.

    And yes the Iron Lady did leave her mark on me, a painful and soul-destroying one, but it must be my compassionate nature that refuses to portray her as a figure to hate. Hate is such a powerful emotion and I never was one for left-wing mantras.

    I don’t recall being dismissive of solar panels, rather I questioned whether solar panels would bring about fundamental change in the human psyche.

    But there you go, doing my thinking for me; although I bet you look really cute in your organic cotton shirt. 😉

  43. Christina says:

    Hey, Jacksonville.

    Truely sorry you’re not alright. Political debate can be a bit harsh andinsensitive sometimes, I guess – didn’t mean to upset you.

    I think that living on different sides of the pond gives us a really different take on things, and I’m guessing we’re of different generations, which gives us a different perspective too.

    Re. being ‘right’, well, don’t we all think we are? Don’t you in your last post – you told me I was wrong?

    So maybe we are wrong. But what if we’re not and we do nothing? What’s the harm in moving to renewables, driving cleaner greener cars, leaving the rainforests alone, growing food and and textiles that aren’t seeped in pesticides, etc? The Oranutangs losing their habitat would sure be happy about that, as would all the Indian farmers whose lives are ruined by those pesticides. Green politics isn’t all about global warming….

    Maybe I misunderstood you re solar panels.Not doing your thinking for you. How could I? I haven’t yet gained that super power….Though it would be an incredible one to have come election time.

  44. OS. says:

    Hey, Christina… you can get easily Calvin going full bore, just start him on the smoking issue! 😉

    Oh, BTW, Utopia is being in Berlin listening to Eli Grumpy, Mr Green, Mr Pink and Swiss Tony arguing and making bets about 70’s music whilst under the influence. Ergo…

    Let me introduce you to… L/R Mr Pink, Eli Grumpy, winger and Swiss.

    And mine host, winger, being the gayer he really is. Would he make a good Green candidate?

    Back to the ‘Green Issue’. (We seem to have gone off at a tangent). How do you propose to stop the deforestation of the rain forests given that no one wants to pay for it…the bottom line being that ‘no one wants to pay for it’? How would you stop the Chinese and Indians belching out billions of tons of CO2 from coal fueled power stations? I do my little bit by separating my tin cans and bottles but even you must admit that I’m wasting my time when one looks at the bigger issues.


  45. Christina says:

    So that’s what the ‘Mr Men’ look like in real life….

    I think that would be the perfect picture for his campaign literature, but maybe better to stand in Brighton….. or San Francisco…..

    Re the rainforests……there’s a lot to be done to encourage the foresters to pack it in, eg. people not buying the goods made from the trees they fell and the crops grown on the cleared land. This govt has no interest in educating people as to a) the dire consequences of continuing to deforest, and not just re global warming b) what products to avoid and their alternatives, and then encouraging them to act. We could also ban the import of such products and become more involved with and supportive of organisations that can legislate or influence re deforestation. That’s off the top of my head. You’ll surely find better at and on the GP manifesto or website.

    I’m an obsessive recycler, and I firmly believe that it is worth it because everything I do is part of the bigger picture……change starts with me…and if I don’t start it, who will?

  46. AndyP says:

    Christina for Prime Minister! [X]

  47. Stephen Foster says:

    You cause more pollution with your filthy tabs than China & India combined, OS.

  48. Christina says:

    Too busy chasing my mad lurcher up and down the road whilst he runs with the traffic to take on that job, I’m afraid. He’s faster than me, but not much under those circumstances! I suppose I could always hire someone…….

  49. AndyP says:

    Maybe you could swap roles, you run the country and Gordon Brown walk your dogs. He looks like he could do with losing some weight. Erm mind you would you trust him with your dogs after he’s already taken the country to the dogs… 😉

  50. Christina says:

    Or Gordon and Scamp could swop roles! Scamp could run the country and Gordon could chase cars up and down my road whilst I ran after him yelling “Gordon, Gordon”. He’s lying in his basket now, fast asleep and twitching, no doubt thinking about the changes he’d make….

  51. AndyP says:

    At the dispatch boxes… “Woof woof woooof woof”*

    *Translation: “I commend this bone to the House”

  52. Christina says:

    And that was one of Gordon’s better speeches!

  53. AndyP says:

    The Rt Hon Lady is what we call in Stoke-on-Trent a bit of a “card”!

  54. Stephen Foster says:

    These communications are being monitored even while I fabricate a few expenses for Lemon. He needs a need a new biodegradable bone and a Porsche 911.

  55. AndyP says:

    What about his second home?

  56. Christina says:

    Is it you that keeps flying overhead in a helicopter too? Or maybe Lemon and Dylan do that surveillance for you!

    Scamp says, would a Toyota IQ do for Lemon? He thinks he could swing that for all DMPs (D for doggie, of course).

    My polling card arrived this morning, and Scamp immediately shredded it…is he telling me to spoil my ballot, perhaps?

    How do I put photos on here?

  57. Christina says:

    Re toyota IQ – sporty and eco friendly – room in the back for a human too.

  58. Stephen Foster says:

    How do I put photos on here?

    I think the most simple way would be to link from a photobucket type site…

  59. AndyP says:

    The Spring edition of the Green Party “Green World” magazine arrived this weekend. There’s an interesting piece by Ken Ritchie (CE of the Electoral Reform Society) on electoral reform which I thought apt given the previous discussions above. I reproduce the first two paragraphs below…

    “Never has the case for electoral reform been stronger, we face the most serious economic recession for decades, and yet we are being led by a Government that was supported by just 35% of the voters – only 21% of electors when turnout is taken into account. This surely is a time that requires strong government, but strong in the sense that it has a strong mandate from the electorate.

    In the coming months we need a new campaign to changed these rules through a referendum on our voting system. Labour promised such a referendum in 1997 but, while it did much to reform our constitution, electoral reform for the Commons was a step too far for a government with a comfortable majority. In 2001 and 2005 Labour manifestos made the point that the right way to change the voting system would be through a referendum, but at no time has a referendum featured seriously on Labour’s agenda.”

    Ken goes on to encourage us all to contact or visit our MPs to show support for electoral reform and to request a referendum.

  60. Christina says:

    Totally agree…as is perhaps predicatable! But visiting my MP is a waste of time. She’s Labour and glued to the party line, whatever that is at the time. I wasn’t in her constituency pre Iraq but those who were got very frustrated with her. I was actually in Nick Cleggs constituency, though he only took over after I’d moved. I met him once when we went to see his predecesor re Guantanamo. Seemed like a nice boy. Would’ve thunk he was destined for such greatness!

  61. AndyP says:

    Back in the day when I was a member of the Labour Party (spit) there was greater talk of electoral reform, and some form of proportional representation. There were some major players like Robin Cook who were in favour of it. Of course this was the early 1990s when many thought Labour would never win power again with the FPTP system, especially after 4 straight election defeats following the Kinnock shambles of 1992. Blair’s rebranding and ripping out the soul of the party did allow it to be elected with a whopping majority under FPTP, and lo and behold the electoral reform fervour subsided. Cynical moi?

    I write fairly regularly to my MP (Hilary Benn) about a wide range of things but usually get a fob off letter as I might expect from a Minister and a Blairite at that. I might start to include the line “if only you were more like your father” in future correspondence. My mate Dave (a fellow Leeds Stokie) actually intends to stand against him in the next election. Some form of radical Independent Green / Socialist / Goat related ticket. 😉 I’m meant to be his Campaign Manager but how I’ll manage that from the USA I’m not sure…

  62. Christina says:

    I think a lot of people would rather vote for a goat these days. Your mate should do well!

    Are you moving to the States? If so, who will you vote for there? I used to live in San Francisco, and none of the people I knew voted Green.

    Is it still May 2nd?

  63. AndyP says:

    Nah I’m not moving to the USA. I have a six months career break so I’m going over to see how things work out with my American girlfriend. I suppose if I did make citizenship one day and could vote, I’d vote Green. Of the big two, Democrat. Is what 2nd May?

    Pretty decent election broadcast by the Greens tonight.

  64. Christina says:

    So maybe moving…..Not a bad place to be! And she’s beautiful!

    This post started on May 2nd……and we seem to be stuck there! 4am and everyone else at the party has left or fallen asleep…..

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