Bedding in

it’s been a nice week, Lemon is one of us already, a Stoke fan (the glory-hunter, nice of him to turn up now we’re the Premiership). The name Lemon makes everyone smile, I think it will stick. For those who didn’t see Victoria’s comment on the post below, he arrived on a day they were giving L-names out in the pound. If he’d gone in a day later he might have been called Melon. By the way, he took me off my feet for the second time in three days (two times more than Ollie and Dylan combined), this time skittling me from behind. Good work boy.


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8 Responses to Bedding in

  1. chiffs says:

    I do call him Melon sometimes, just to ring the changes : )
    He’s certainly knocked me off my feet too. A dog with eyebrows, now there’s a thing . . .

  2. makemeadiva says:

    Thank you both for all the pictures and updates – it’s very much appreciated. I’d love a second long dog but with two younger kids and a cat I think we had better just count our blessings for now. Well done Lemon and Dylan – give your owners a pat!

    BTW I am not sure if I actually promised any winners but I have done a 2000 Guineas preview on my blog, badly composed because I am in a hurry but I am hopeful of a good showing 🙂

  3. Christina says:

    A friend suggested I got a season ticket for A&E last year after Scamp (2 yr old lurcher) felled me for the 3rd time and I had my second lot of x-rays, on top of treatment for 2 bites (neither from Scamp) and a stretched shoulder ligament. The doctor said broken legs from dogs charging into people are quite common, which made me with my football sized knee feel a little less bizarre. Scamp also sent a couple of other people flying. Fortunately, they were both incredibly understanding….. as they hobbled away. Scamp seems to have learnt to avoid humans when he’s dashing around. Hopefully Lemon will do too.

    BTW, does he pluck/groom/dye those eyebrows? They are enviable!

  4. PattyG says:

    It’s quite amusing to lurchers apparently….knocking people head over heels, isn’t it? Mine hit me with such speed I turned a complete mid-air flip, landing with my right leg bent backwards. I was certain my leg would be broken, but nope, no injuries at all…except perhaps to my pride. I’m a little more “cautious” when she’s in full gallop mode now. Admittedly, I hide behind a tree as she comes nearer and nearer. Such a coward, that’s me.

  5. makemeadiva says:

    Lol Patty – hiding behind a tree! I can’t laugh at you though because when I am out with the kids and he’s “buzzing” us I clutch them to me in a huddle which probably looks alarming to any bystanders…

    He’s not knocked me over yet but the kids have gone flying a couple of times.

  6. Julie Hill says:

    I am thinking of starting a Facebook group – “We want to see videos of Stephen Foster’s dog Lemon knocking him off his feet”. Anyone want to join?
    P.S. I do have some sympathy as a Border Collie once ran at me so fast that he knocked me off my feet, and it is a shock. Funny for onlookers though.

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Some people have no sympathy for other people who have a sore arse :–)

    It’s been suggested by Sue and Keith – who I’m starting to realise have done an excellent job of fostering Lemon – that I do to me to do an anecdotal ‘amusing dog incidents’ book. They gave me this one:

    …she told me a very funny tale of a saluki x she had who chased a cat UP A TREE !!! She had to call the fire brigade out, not for the cat but for the saluki who got stuck in self same tree.

  8. Christina says:

    It’d be a very big book! Glad to hear I’m not the only one living in fear of the mad dog!

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