Start as you mean to go on, that’s the thing…

I’ve never been pulled off my feet by a dog until this morning. Trezza and I took the two of them to the back of the University where there are three football pitches side by side. Our conversation was along the lines of, ‘Hmm, you know, well, but dare we give him a little run…’ A brand new dog in a brand new spot : we were naturally worried he might shoot off and not come back, that was the thing. But on the other hand, he was clearly keen to release some pent-up energy. In any event the decision was made for us as Dylan, being loose as is usual for him, flew past Lemon’s nose for a second effort at provocation. I had Lemon on an extension lead which he’d already zipped to it’s full length the first time Dylan tried this, giving me a tremendous jolt and yanking my arm half out of its socket. I learned nothing from that exercise. Dylan’s second effort left me face down and Lemon chasing Dylan in loops at 35.7mph with the extension lead flying behind him, acting as no handicap whatsoever. They kept circling towards us, using us as a point of reference to their looping, so we had the hurdle the lead each time they went by as though we were in a ‘Deathwish Die Hard II With a Vengeance’ skipping game (as did one other lady who nearly came a cropper across the other side of the field – luckily she was an agile and unfazed individual). And when they were done Lemon came back like a good boy and got a biscuit for his troubles.


It’s tiring work though

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  1. chiffs says:

    They have a lot in common so far: running, eating, having a kip…
    I suspect, from the ecstatic interruption to my afternoon nap, that Lemon is no stranger to the human bed, or as Steve calls it, the Big Basket. Early days, I know, but they are finding their place in each other’s world. And if you look closely, you can see Ollie watching over them.

  2. Julie Hill says:

    So pleased you’ve found Lemon – lots of luck with them both.
    And you have made me laugh! Thanks for that, I needed it.

  3. calvininjax says:

    Lemon peels off and knocks the juice out of Foster

    You are going to have a lot of fun with Lemon, Stephen.

    Can’t wait for the next instalment.

  4. OS. says:

    “Lemon peels off and knocks the juice out of Foster”

    You just can’t help yourself, Calvin, can you? 😉


  5. Victoria says:

    And now you know why the name Lemon stuck with him all this time …..

    The owner of the kennels Lemon went to when he came out of the pound ( the name Lemon was put on him whilst in the pound – it was an L day, the next day and it would have been M. Some of the Irish pounds have volunteers who go in and take pictures of all that days intake and then post the details on a forum appealing for rescue spaces, surrenders are PTS that day and strays get 5 days to get out, and that was when i first saw Lemon), but back to the kennels, i can clearly remember the e-mail with the update about my various residents in the kennels and Lemon’s review reading ” well, Lemon is just….. a lemon” and from then it stuck.

    Enjoy all the forthcoming antics, there will be plenty.

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    So far he’s a real charmer Victoria, very easy going … he met ‘the gang’ this morning and packed along no trouble at all. ‘Lemon,’ though, is a name which is not universally approved.

    The options so far have been:

    Lennon (obv, & co-name to Dylan BUT Trezza doesn’t like him, John Lennon, that is…)

    Lennin (I quite like, BUT would really need to change Dylan’s name to Stalin)

    Lenum (for Irish-origin recognition, according to my devout friend…)

    Keano (for Irish-origin recognition BUT: Keano has just become manager of Ipswich : not a good name to be shouting in Norwich)

  7. calvininjax says:

    What’s wrong with Lionel or even Leonard.

    You could always change Dylan’s name to Port.

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    Can we have Lemmy? From Motorhead. For the requisite Stoke connection?

  9. Victoria says:

    I know you mentioned the possibility of a name change to Lennon, to Sue. Although i like the choice Lennon, i am with Trezza on the John Lennon opinion (even though my Father went to school with him). Sure, doesn’t he have an airport named after him already, what would he want with a dog too

    Keano is all over the papers today, cutie pics of him and a Lab pup – he does loads of promotion work for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, he is busy saying he isn’t going to make the same mistakes at Ipswich as he did at Newcastle -we’ll see.

    Lemmy is good too.

    Still would take a bet you will stick with Lemon….

  10. calvininjax says:

    Or even Lemmy from Hawkwind. 😉

  11. Stephen Foster says:

    That has raised my opinion of Keano, & I never knew he admitted to getting things wrong* either ;–)

    I wouldn’t take your bet … I make it odds-on: it suits him, it makes people smile, and then there’s the story of it being L-day, which is nice.

    * at Sunderland, those Geordies wouldn’t thank you for that…

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