Meet Lemon

We picked him up from foster care today. He was found wandering in Dublin in the middle of last year and found his way to the UK in a sorryish state by the means of a rescue organisation based in Cheshire called Erin Hounds. He was being looked after by two lovely people, Sue and Keith, who have done a great job bringing him on and were clearly sorry to see him go but who need space to take in their next client. He is about two, and has a large measure of Saluki in him.


Much more on him soon.

Early signs are that he and Dylan are going to get on fine, even if he does insist on pushing in on Dylan’s personal space…


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21 Responses to Meet Lemon

  1. Geraldine says:

    Poor Lemon, he’s one of the lucky ones. I hope that he and Dylan will become friends, our experience has been that it can take quite a while (and a lot of patience) for the relationship to settle into a relaxed and happy one. We wish you all the best!

  2. I’m so excited for you! He’s gorgeous. I’ll bet he and Dylan have some great runs together when he’s settled in. I’m looking forward to more photos and reading more about him.

    Kate from Oregon

  3. calvininjax says:

    Good fortune has smiled on Lemon. He will quickly come to realize that.

    I am in a sorry state, is there any chance of you taking me in? 😉

  4. OS. says:

    Hello Lemon. Welcome to The Madhouse that is full of love. 😉

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    Calvin: do you like being tickled behind the ears?

  6. Victoria says:

    Lucky Lemon

    There are a good few of us this side of the water following your progress.

    once met – never forgotten !

    Co Galway

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    The main incidents will show up on here Victoria, starting with the one where he pulled me off my feet this morning as Dylan flew past his nose for the second provocative time … I am 12 stone, it was a good effort :–)

  8. calvininjax says:

    “Calvin: do you like being tickled behind the ears?”

    It depends on who is doing the tickling.

    So, basically, Lemon has gone from foster care to Foster care. Capital!

  9. Susan Coldock says:

    Hello everyone, I’m Sue and Keith and I are the ‘nutters’ who fostered Lemon – but all thanks to Victoria, she is the lady who rescued him. Its great to see him with Dylan, and its even better for us to know he is getting on ok – and we never expected he would be off lead so soon – so well done poorly you.

    You will have your work cut out for you with Lemon, happily so, we hope.

    I love Calvin’s “foster care to foster care – nice one”

  10. makemeadiva says:

    Excellent news! Let the bonding commence 🙂 he looks a dote.

    My lad came from Navan (starving and knocked over). I posted a picture of him yesterday which my 6yo old took. Maybe Lemon’s a distant cousin.

    Dylan’s face is a picture – it’s going to be fun!

  11. anna says:

    Lemon is gorgeous.
    We are contemplating number two, so will follow with great interest. I read your book after we had adopted our first saluki x and have been painting the hounds from Southern Lurcher Rescue ever since.

  12. mum says:

    Hello Lemon welcome to the family x

  13. OS. says:

    Well done, Susan and Keith for the work you have done and to Victoria for rescuing him. The doggy world is a far better place for your unselfishness and your dedication. I reckon Lemon has dropped on lucky cus he’s now become part of the worldwide ‘*Winger and ChiffS Doggy Fan Club.’ 😉

    *Stephen Boy Foster.

    Oldstokie. XXX

  14. OS. says:

    NB: “So, basically, Lemon has gone from foster care to Foster care. Capital!”

    Calvin is our Newspaper editor from across the pond. His mind is in auto mode and he picks out headlines like that as a matter of course. Clever sod! 😉


  15. PattyG says:

    How wonderful that you found a dog to run with Dylan, but also that you had the heart to take in one who needs you most! I am sure you’re in for many more adventures, funny, happy, frustrating, and glorious! Can’t wait to see future updates on Lemon’s progress, and Dylan’s great tolerance. It looks like they’ll be great pals. 🙂


  16. Jan says:

    I’m so happy for Lemon, but green with envy too. I couldn’t stop looking at him and longing for him on Lurcherlink. He’s the spit of my Zara – so much so that I’m convinced he’s her long lost twin brother. Well, at least I can stop wishing for him now. I really couldn’t have had another (making 4), or could I???
    Wishing you as much joy with Lemon and Dylan as I have with Zak, Zara and Theo.


  17. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks Jan! 4 is possibly too many, depending on th size of your estate … ;–)

  18. Rosie Edwards Johnson says:

    I Love Lemon, He has a kind of chestnut vibe… and I particularly like his boho cool! (collar)…. I would like to make them some designer scarfes for the winter if I may!
    And … I saw tinchy with his mate on GMTV this morning ( I am generally an avid ‘breakfast’ fan but switched over because there was way too much focus on the swine issue)… Loved their song, loved their look, loved them… I’ve been singing it all day!

  19. Rosie Edwards Johnson says:


  20. Stephen Foster says:

    & Dappy too, what a name. I was most amused by how Mr & Mrs Presenter were warning the ‘GMTV Audience’ that some pretty young stuff was about to come on.

    I’ve discovered your blog, which I must say has a most fine family portrait at the masthead which my sophisticated detective activity would suggest is the work of one R Edwards-Johnson.

    I have tried to post on it but somehow I think it is failing to work…

    Still, why haven’t I added it to my own personal blogroll!

    Come and meet Lemon whenever it suits Sx

  21. Oh my gosh I haven’t checked in in ages, had a heck of a time of it with Pseudo seasons and operations to dogs, followed by much stress induced by Stella deciding to do her own after care! All good now thankfully. Anyway fabulous to see you have a new addition and what a handsome chap he is too! Great to see all the photos and to see they have settled into a lovely friendship. Great stuff!

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