Jack’s Silver Disc

He came round with his girlfriend to have dinner, watch that amazing 4-4 draw between Liverpool and Arsenal, and had this tucked under his arm to show us. It’s for 200,000 sales : what an amazing thing. Jack and his mate & business partner Archie have one of these a-piece for the last single, ‘Take Me Back,’ which went Top 5, and now they are shaping up to have the # 1 single this Sunday with a song called ‘Number 1.’ Not bad work for two lanky 20-yr-old homeboys from the agricultural badlands of Norwich, East Anglia. The new single is currently showing form by being at No1 on the midweek chart and on itunes (buy it there – there was going to be a link here but I can’t seem to do that). They are good lads and we are proud of them.


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13 Responses to Jack’s Silver Disc

  1. johnnyneptune says:

    that’s feckin’ ace.

  2. mum says:

    Well done Jack realy proud of you Granny xx
    ps _I realy like the video 🙂

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    It is feckin ace too isn’t it?

  4. OS. says:

    Well done, Jackson…and Archie. Two brilliant lads. I’ve only met one but I’m proud of ’em too. I agree with JN but I don’t swear. 😉

  5. chiffs says:

    It’s so brilliant! Well done Tinchy and N-Dubz and Jack and Archie. I so coveted that disc when he brought it round, I had one of those rare moments when you think you can hide it under your jumper and pretend the dog ate it.
    PS – point of order, if I may- Jack’s girlfriend is called Shirelle (who, amongst many other talents and animal friends, has two pet rats). I like to think there’s a musical connection there, although she may spell it differently.

  6. markelt says:

    Not only is it feckin ace, I’ve bought the new song on iTunes so I’m really down with the kids. 😉

    Go on Jack, Archie and Tinchy.

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    You must bless the day you bumped into Jack; otherwise you’d still be listening to John Denver.

  8. markelt says:

    I admire his choice of mad girls as well.

  9. jenny says:

    We saw Ndubz last weekend playing at the Academy in Bristol. Tinchy was guesting there. Unfortunately I showed my age by having to ask the person next to me who he was, (and by singing along to natalie Umbruglia’s torn whilst all the youngsters around me stood with “what?” on their faces) but have to say I was really impressed. I didnt realise you had a connection? Small world

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    There’s nothing wrong with knowing the words to nothing’s right I’m Torn ;–)

    Jack and Archie’s ‘Takeover Entertainment’ are Tinchy’s management: they have been there from the start & fingers crossed are going to be v excited this weekend…

  11. George S says:

    Congratulations to Jack and Archie!

  12. Panini Pete says:

    Wow, good work by Foster jr and friend. You must be a very proud father Steve.

  13. jenny says:

    Is the girl group you were on about Fenix? (With an “f”)?

    All those that took the piss out of me for a 30 something going to see Ndubz & Tinchy are starting to think twice now they are getting so popular! haha

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