I spent the weekend with this guy

and his clan. Hence I am in no condition to write stuff on account of how he prevented me from going to bed at midnight by saying, Oi, there’s a(nother) bottle of red wine here for you to drink, I want to hear stories and I demand to be entertained. Full time: Stoke Mighty Potters 1 Blackburn Not Very Good 0.


Old Stokie & Dylan, also by Geraldine

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10 Responses to I spent the weekend with this guy

  1. OS. says:

    Monday morning: I’m in a state of flux…still half drunk every time I have a cuppa tea. I can hardly walk. I reckon I pulled a muscle when I fell down the restaurant stairs. Either that or somebody kicked me when I was asleep on the chair. It was great fun though spending a weekend with my five sons. And I reckon I might be £14 better off. There was some dosh on the kitchen worktop and I pocketed it. Only now have I considered it might not have been mine. 🙂

    I’ll leave it at that for now…I’m still very ‘delicate’ and I’ve gotta take the grandkids to skool in an hour.

    Goooaaarrrnnn Stoke!

    Pulis is our king. 😉


  2. OS. says:

    NB: Geraldine…that drawing is ace. Eli is right, I do look like Studs Terkel. 🙂

    OS. XXX

  3. AndyP says:

    Winger what marks out of ten would you give for entertainment? The match and the night out?! 😉

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    The match was Big Sam vs Little Sam ergo it was like watching rugby: there were 37 line outs before half-time. The difference was Little Sam has got all his square pegs in square holes now whereas Big Sam is still playing the old-fashioned round pegs in square holes system.

    Entertainment value = 4/10. Result = 10/10.

    Shaffers & et 10/10, with extra gold star rating for OS falling downstairs and ending up with a poppadom on his head.

  5. OS. says:

    I’ve just found my glasses.

  6. AndyP says:

    “Extra gold star rating for OS falling downstairs and ending up with a poppadom on his head.”

    😀 Daft owd tup! 😉 It must be close to the anniversary of him lozzacking in some Brussels gutter surely?

    As for the game, I’m glad I listened to it rather than venturing over. I was able to complete the work in attic which was more entertaining and useful than watching something akin to rugby and swearing a lot in exasperation!

  7. mum says:

    And I thought I had had a good weekend !!!!
    Watched as usual on Iracgoals 🙂
    Booked return journey today Bilbeo to Portsmouth May 4 back in Stoke May 6 🙂 xxx

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    I hope you find your way to Bilbeo alright. That leaves you a tekeet for the last game vs Wigwam… dependent up on demand duck!

  9. AndyP says:

    Big big win for Bossie on Sunday! Dender beat Roeselare 3-1 and KV Kortrijk also lost. This means Dender climbed above both of them into the safe spot of 14th place. Survival without the playoff hassle is now in their hands! 🙂

  10. mum says:

    Opps Bilbao !!!!!!!!!!
    The wigwam match if possible will be great 🙂

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