It’s another world

Slipped down to Newmarket yesterday to see a friend’s brother’s syndicate’s horse run. In a good tight finish, the excellent animal won, in the last. There was much celebrating and then there were drunken chats during which a man was telling me that he’d found four grand in his sock drawer a few weeks back. He said that he had no recollection of where it came from but that he must have won it on a racecourse ‘because it was all in fifty pound notes.’ Another man said that he never found anything like that in his sock drawer. Me neither, I still get excited if I find a fiver in a suit pocket.

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2 Responses to It’s another world

  1. chiffs says:

    I’ve just looked in my sock drawer and it doesn’t even have socks in it.
    Can we have a competition about the luckiest find ever? Or failing that, a kind of reality-TV spin-off, like ‘Through the Keyhole’ called ‘what I’ve got in my sock drawer?

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Most def, once I’ve taken this 2p I’ve found down the penny falls.

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