Working Class Heroes (slight return)

My friend (so far) and writing mentor George Szirtes is looking for more explication from me on the comments, and elsewhere round his site, here. I don’t like to feel I have failed in the original book, but he is definitely seeking a greater explanation of the hero/disgrace divide than the WCH delivers. This is partly, I think, because I am not all that much of an analyst; I tend to play to my strengths in my work by writing in an allusive way and trying to make points (if I have any) by calling on examples and situations. There’s a slightly, and deliberately, snitty review in the Guardian here which is quite a nice example of how a middle-class critic in a middle-class paper let’s you know he doesn’t quite like it when the working-class non-metro-media type is allowed the forum to get onto this subject by the mainstream publishing world. He even manages to criticise me for writing a book about a dog at the same time as another bloke did. Not that I’m bitter, as George taught me early on: never mind what they say, dear boy, just count the column inches, which was, I think, something an elder writer had said to him…

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6 Responses to Working Class Heroes (slight return)

  1. OS. says:

    I’ve just been over to George’s place and put the boot in. 🙂

    M le etc…

  2. George S says:

    Not a bad review – the Guardian – snitty, yes, but always leave a bit of room for snit. I think it’s a very good book and will get round to saying why soon.

    As for me, I am just that weird thing, a genuinely interested outsider who now considers you an authority. At least in terms of the signifiers of this that or the other, where you are the connoisseur and I am a layman.

    By the way did you see the spot about Stoke on Match of the Day 2 yesterday? About the Stoke crowd and its noise. Delilah (the song, I mean) got a mention.

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Put the boot into me you mean OS you class traitor.

  4. OS. says:

    I wouldn’t dare put the boot into George. His intellectuality frightens me. 🙂

    M le etc…

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    What do you think half-end house bricks are for? :–)

  6. OS. says:

    “What do you think half-end house bricks are for? :–)”

    How the bloody hell do you expect me to reach Norfolk from here? You can do it for me if you like while he’s shopping in middle class Waitroses. 🙂


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