Looney Toons

One for sorrow! How many Messiahs can one club have? Will he ride into the Brit on a Donkey? Just warming up my tabloideese for laters. (I don’t think I’ve quite got the hang of it.)

Match report to follow ;–)


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  1. steve phelps says:

    Listened in to the match on ‘Five Live’ while driving back from a 4-0 tonking at Plymouth. ‘Pulisball’ it may be but I’d rather my lot played with the courage and determination that the Potters do after watching that sky blue shambles today.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Spoken like a man on his way back from watching his team get tonked by wtf are Plymouth!

    In a sneak preview of a forthcoming title, my views on the gaffer have somewhat modified…

  3. AndyP says:

    I think I made the right choice yesterday. I could have gone to Stoke but as there was the offer of tea at GoatMajor’s and the game free on Setanta, I stayed in Leeds and went to see Farsley Celtic v Burscough in the Blue Square North relegation dogfight game instead.

    The game was fairly evenly matched until the first moment of drama in the first-half on 24 minutes which involved Farsley’s Chris Walton. The midfielder went down in a fifty-fifty challenge to just outside the Burscough penalty area, and in the scuffle to get to their feet a shirt was pulled and Walton was struck in the face by Shearwood. The referee was called across by the linesman for advice. Walton was booked for his part in the tussle, then the inevitable red card came out for Shearwood for the clear punch.

    There was chaos for a few moments with several Burscough players guilty of some colourful dissent toward the referee. After the melee had died down, the referee was then instructed by the linesman to hand the same punishment to Burscough captain Moogan for a phrase used in protest at Shearwood’s departure. As he traipsed off past us the captain turned his ire on the Elmer Fudd lookalike linesman, blurting out “Was that you, you f**king sh*thouse?!” With a comedy look of slack jaw disbelief, Fudd added details of this outburst to his own notebook.

    Faced with 9 men, Farsley initially made heavy work of seeing Burscough off. The home side finally took the lead in first half stoppage time as Prendergast scored with a stunning overhead kick. Burscough should have drawn level early in the second half after being awarded a penalty after Jackson handled. However Wade blazed his spot kick so high over the bar it also cleared the safety netting behind the goal! Tuck scored a close range header on 56 minutes to double the lead, and shortly afterward Reeves turned sweetly on the edge of the box to drill a low drive into the bottom corner of the net to make it 3-0. I had barely started my update text to Paddy (holidaying in Wales) when Farsley conceded a soft goal, falling asleep and allowing Hines to chip home, an event I actually missed!

    But it was the last real scare as the excellent and lively Grant capped a fine display by running on to an exquisite defence-splitting through ball from substitute Iqbal, before slotting home just inside the area. It was hard luck on the visitors’ ‘keeper who had pulled off a string of superb saves, but he could not prevent a fifth when Tuck bagged his second, a bullet header from a wonderful Prendergast cross from the left.

    So a entertaining and vital 5-1 victory for Farsley, 2 red cards, and a missed penalty. All that for £7, and you are allowed to take your pint on to the terraces. That’s entertainment!

    Meanwhile back at the Stoke v Newcastle game the highlight was GoatMajor’s pizza and rustic chips, which just edged the delight of seeing Faye’s goal fly in from a poorly marked non-corner. Once again it was one of those games where the result would easily be more pleasurable than the performance, so it was sickening to eventually draw a game that was dominated by Stoke for 70 minutes. Once Jonás Gutiérrez came on I felt he was at the centre of everything for Newcastle and they looked the most likely to take all the points having been little threat for the majority of the game. It wasn’t great to watch as usual so I’m glad I took the armchair option. For the statisticians my first yawn came on 11 minutes…

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    But apart from that, you’re warming to Pulis, yes?

    “Was that you, you f**king sh*thouse?!” That is class 🙂

  5. AndyP says:

    I forgot to mention that the fateful line was delivered in a scouse accent which for me adds to the class of it even further.

    Dunno what it’s like over in Merseyside but the West Riding FA would suspend him for 35 days and fine him the princely sum of £25 for that little outburst.

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    I’m getting Lily Savage now…

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