Exotic Dancer

A fabulous chaser, Exotic (he was always known in the diminuitive on the track) died after a race at Aintree this afternoon; he came second – half an hour after the finish he had a heart attack. Trained by Jonjo O’Neill and usually ridden by AP McCoy, he was Trezza’s favourite: like many, he was destined always the bridesmaid – in any other era he’s have won the Gold Cup, but unfortunately for him he was giving everthing he’d got in the era of Kauto Star and Denman and invariably found one of these a bit too good. I’ll miss him.


I miss this other guy too. My computer’s got a glitch and is away being fixed – am working off Trezza’s machine for this post: she has these old pictures rolling round the screen saver. I just sat here and watched them for a while.


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  1. makemeadiva says:

    I posted this yesterday elsewhere, but I thought I would share the sentiment.

    “I was so sorry to read about this. The poor lad, I hope he didn’t know too much about it. It is always the brave and the generous that seem to have their hearts give out

    RIP Exotic Dancer. Thanks for all your honest runs, I will miss you.”

    Black and tans rock IMO – my first dog Senna died aged 12 the year before last and he was a black and tan. Ollie should have had a magazine cover, the paperback snaps didn’t show him in all his lurchery glory.

    Will Ollie be backed tomorrow over the obstacles? For myself (and these have been the plan for weeks) I am going State of Play (class), Rambling Minster (jumps and stays) and Darkness, who will either down tools on the first circuit or cruise home outstaying the rest. Irish Raptor’s win in the Topham today paid Egerton’s runner a compliment. Good luck to all. Wishing all runners and riders home safe and sound.

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    You can’t seriously back Ollie Magern anymore, but of course now you have gone and sewn the seed of doubt…

    We were on Butler’s Cabin at 33s (only buttons) when he collapsed and then sprang up to the biggest cheer of the day after the Foxhunter win a couple of years back (and then didn’t he win the Irish National a few weeks later?). I might be tempted. But is it a race that McCoy is destined never to win?

    At a price, which must always be 33s under my rules, I’d go for Battlecry.

  3. makemeadiva says:

    It’s like Frankie’s Derby hoodoo isn’t it? It must be on AP’s mind. I don’t think Butler’s is an Authorized either and having a choice does not help with the doubt factor in yer man’s mind.

    Battlecry is ruled out on the basis of insufficient wins at Grade 1 on the highly technical traffic light spreadsheet system I’m afraid. Ollie Magern is a horse that needs catching right indeed but you are right, ran at Festival, autumn horse, no chance tomorrow but if there was a horse called Ayrton I’d be on it every time!

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Can’t find anything to help you on the Ayrton Senna ‘Granny Smith’s’ (© Philip) System.

    Eurotrek’s a massive price :–) Lumping 14 stone round the GN fences seems to be Sam Thomas’ punishment for Denman.

  5. makemeadiva says:

    Sam’s apostrophe is a visual delight!


    You’ll be glad to hear this is my last comment because I am going to be coralled at Club Level in the Emirates Stadium today (I’m taking my headphones though). Check out the link above for “The Couch’s” quickfire take on the runners – very droll! He says of Eurotrek – old enough to vote so don’t put your cross by his name.

    Good luck all 🙂 Fancy having a football match when there’s racing on.

  6. makemeadiva says:

    Here’s the “r” I left out – could someone put it where it belongs for me please?

    No good getting excited about possessive apostrophes and then making spelling errors 😦

  7. johnnyneptune says:

    the children have spoken

    meg: my will
    tom: southern vic
    liam: big fella thanks


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