Until a couple of days ago everything worked, but suddenly ican’t get plugins. What does this mean? It means no you tube videos or any other encoded videos and no graphs and stuff like that. What has happened is that my operating system (10.3.9) doesn’t ‘support these applications’ anymore and so iwill have to upgrade to 10.4 or more: iwill have to shell out. Not because the old thing didn’t work, but simply because the time has come for imac to separate me from my money. Thanks so much you groovy intuitive irobbers; and whi don’t ijust post Gordon Brown a cheque to send to Fred while I’m being ifleeced? iknow it makes sense.

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7 Responses to iLarceny

  1. calvininjax says:

    It’s an ever changing iWorld, Stephen.

  2. Stephen Foster says:


  3. OS. says:

    i’m thinking about this one.

  4. i suppose Wales could use a trick or two at Cardiff. Against the odds we could pull it off. German trainer Löwe is not without his critics.
    All right, I’m barking mad. It’ll be 0-3. No it won’t, it’ll be 2-1.

  5. Despite Bryn Terfel’s majestic singing of Gwlad! Gwlad! it’s 0-1 down after only 11 minutes. I can’t stand it any longer. 😦

  6. Down and out again. 0-2 own goal by Williams.
    Highlight: Bryn Terfel singing.

    We’ll never come back from this.

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