Working Class Promo III

From about 1.09 mins in. The bloke doesn’t start that well, but that’s mainly because he’d abandoned his driving seat & legged it through town swearing at all the red lights which had been conspiring against him and had arrived at the BBC Radio Norfolk ‘down-the-line suite’ to hear a woman frantically going, ‘Hello! HELLO is anybody there!!.’ It’s only ten minutes, then after that there’s a piece about dangerous drivers who knock people off the pavement using their Mobility Scooters.

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3 Responses to Working Class Promo III

  1. Stephen Foster says:

    Whatever sort of ‘search’ took you to that?

  2. johnnyneptune says:

    a ‘you’ve bought from us before (penguin book cover tea-towel no less), please come and buy again’

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