Blue Square Premiership

This is what they call non-league football now. In the old days you would never have heard of it, and in point of fact, I rather hope you still haven’t. The games are so wretched that broadcaster ‘Setanta’ peps things up by having a blonde girl with strangely close-together eyes interview individuals who are hanging about while the match is on. Tonight she was getting the views of a lad from Non League Weekly while elsewhere on the actual pitch some bloke was falling over his own feet.

I suppose the bum note here is that I was actually watching this, but only before we caught up with Episode 6, Series One of The Wire ‘on demand.’ Still, at least this might be considered an improvement on revisiting re-runs of Friends on E4 Two. In a minute I am going to have an exciting mug of Horlicks.

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4 Responses to Blue Square Premiership

  1. AndyP says:

    Hey don’t knock it. I enjoyed Farsley Celtic’s brief stint in the BSP. Standing on the terraces, just a £10 to get in, and when Sinnott was manager the standard of football was often better than what you saw at the Brit! 😉 Closer too, and a decent pub in the village for post match ales. Relegation to the BSN has brought the added bonus of being allowed to take beer on to the terraces. Plus you are so close to the pitch you can see the Linesman wince when some gruff Yorkshire pudding berates him from the “stands”.

  2. AndyP says:

    And I forgot the local “big men”, owners of car lots, or small businesses that make up the club Directors. See themselves as Mr Big in their cashmere coats, huge sideburns, and dripping in gold chains. Marvellous entertainment all round. Proper working class hero football 😉

  3. chiffs says:

    Yes, AndyP but this was so dire at one point I thought the screen had frozen again – they weren’t actually moving. I am forced to watch this sort of stuff for as long as it takes for Winger to notice me crying my eyes out.

  4. AndyP says:

    Chiffs – you are lucky he doesn’t take you to the Brit then 😉

    Fancy not noticing you crying your eyes out. Oh the heartless brute 😉

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