‘It was a privilege

to do my proverbials on that.’

A sentiment I can only echo and a contender for my favourite remark of an emotional Cheltenham.

‘Did you see Ruby’s face after he lost on Kauto last year? He looked like Lucifer,‘ runs it close, especially if you lay on the complex Irish accent of it’s original delivery and picture the deliverer himself, a short man of indeterminate age with the worst teeth in the twenty-six counties, a permanent pint of lager and a cigarette on the go, not to mention his hot-line to all the close relatives, friends and second cousins of Tom Taaffe, Willie Mullins, Jonjo O’Neill et al. Even with all this information to help him along he could still be seen intently watching the 5.15 at Fakenham on the television screen as he chased his loses as the final race approached. Another sentiment I can only echo.

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2 Responses to ‘It was a privilege

  1. Don’t worry. He’ll get it back in the collection plate next week.

  2. Stephen Foster says:


    Tree hail marys and good as new.

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