If we get split up

meet me by the lollipop.


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8 Responses to If we get split up

  1. anjali says:

    ceci n’est pas une sucette?

  2. makemeadiva says:

    Sorry about this, but Cheltenham has driven me to distraction. I’m starting a quiz, if it’s not a Cheltenham lollipop, which racecourse is it…

  3. chiffs says:

    Looks like the lady outside my infant school who used to show us across the road. Same red hair, same startled expression. Maybe it’s a Splott lollipop?

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    You’re not the only one Diva.

    I’ll narrow the field down for your quiz : it’s near a pier.

  5. makemeadiva says:

    I googled Splott thinking it might be some avant-garde artist and found it is a town in Wales that was “owned” by the Bishop of Llandaff – which is great because those are my favourite dahlias 🙂

    On the pier clue, I am now confused because when I think of seaside courses I think of them being a bit rollercoasterish and that looks flat. So having not been there I am guessing Ayr? I had a share in a sprinter that ran there once and being too far North I couldn’t go, which was annoying because apparently they give you lunch in a local hotel. Newton Armpit gives you a sandwich through a hatch and don’t look happy about it either!


  6. Stephen Foster says:

    Newton Armpit sounds as friendly as Chepstow ;–)

    FINAL ANSWER = Folkestone.

  7. makemeadiva says:

    RATS – of course the Builders’ Day course. I am such an ignoramus I discounted Folkestone as I thought it had a port and no pier 😦

  8. Stephen Foster says:


    I haven’t heard that for years ;–)

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