The post below was diverted

It landed at Frankfurt airport in 1911 where the weather was a bit better. This is the Captain’s view from the cockpit.


Mariekirsche im Schnee, August Macke

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2 Responses to The post below was diverted

  1. Geraldine says:

    I’m surprised that no one has said how bright and fresh this painting looks, full of reflected light off the melting snow although the sky looks like there’s lots more to come.

    I read FWCH a week or so ago and enjoyed it immensely. I could relate to quite a lot of it as I left a very improverished part of Ireland in the late 1960s and went to London; my father was a Londoner and so I had a certain amount of help there but not a lot. It was an exciting experience, finding my feet (and myself) in what is now one of my favourite cities. My youngest son is now living there and loving it. Obviously our experiences were different but your book brought it all back, with plenty of good black humour! What’s next?

    BTW, for the last 16 years I have driven the same Mercedes diesel estate, which has got me safely through years of school runs, family holidays, two house moves, countless dogs to the vets, carrying small forests home from garden centres, trips to England and Scotland, etc. etc. It now has 200,000 on the clock and has never let me down once. I love it to bits and wholeheartedly approve of your (declasse) choice. (I can’t find my accent keys).

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    The Merc estate I bought was a ‘present’ for Trezza – it’s has been an absolute bugger, it’s been in and out of the mechanics as if it were on an elastic band. It’s a 280E AMG – fancy dan, leather etc. That’ll learn me. I’ll buy a banger next time, like the one we had before, which we used to use as a van. like yours. It’s lovely on those rare days when it’s running though.

    Many thinks for kind words on The hero: what’s next is And She Laughed No More, September this year, and then I’m planning a lie down.

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