Delayed post

This post is circling overhead in a holding pattern until it knows what to say.

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8 Responses to Delayed post

  1. OS. says:

    Everyone is waiting with eager anticipation for this one. It had better be good. 😉

    M. le Etc…

  2. markelt says:

    Make sure it’s about 500 words, because reading for sixty seconds makes johnny neptune’s head spin.

  3. chiffs says:

    Delayed post? That’ll be Gordon Brown selling off Royal Mail. (Or is it still called Consignia-to-the-bin?)

  4. anjali says:

    in fact you could have titled it postmodern. geddit??

  5. Stephen Foster says:


    I’ll be setting up a special class for those stuck in the post-modern periodizing concept.

  6. johnny n says:

    what did elt say, i got distracted halfway *ooh telly*

  7. Mich says:

    Dee de de de

    Tum ti tum ti tum

    Drum drum drum drum drum


  8. OS. says:

    Are you not running out of fool yet, winger?

    M. le etc…

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