A tree for Ollie

Received a wonderful email this morning from Blog visitor Geraldine who has planted this ‘Tilia Oliveri’ in Ireland for Ollie. It’s National Tree Week in Ireland, and, to complete the circle and introduce an East Anglian dimension, the tree itself came from Suffolk. The miracle of the web in action. How brilliant. Geraldine says that it was Stoke’s win over Bolton that part-inspired the planting day, and that assistance was given by her Boxers, Phoebe and Millie. It will cost me, obvs, because one day we will have to go and visit the tree, and that day will coincide with a race meeting at Punchestown, but it will be worth it.


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  1. chiffs says:

    Thank you so much, Geraldine, it’s just like Ollie, tall and graceful (my nickname for him was Twiglet). And if I was the sentimental type, which of course I am, I would say that shaft of sunlight was Ollie saying thank you too.

  2. Geraldine says:

    Thanks for putting up the photo Stephen and also to Chiffs for her words, what a lovely thought, that Ollie should beam down on a shaft of sunlight! I’ve planted the tree where I can see it from the kitchen table and I’m looking forward to enjoying it for a very long time.

    You should definitely come to Punchestown, it’s a great meeting but first there’s Cheltenham …

  3. OS. says:

    Geraldine…that is a wonderful thing to do. Quite often I despair at human nature and then along comes a spiritual moment that lets me know in no small way that this planet still contains many beautiful people. Your planting of that tree is one such moment. Like you, I was moved by ChiffS comment on the shaft of sunlight. Some things you can never buy.

    OS doffs cap big style to both of you lovely ladies for making me feel good. XXX

    BTW, I planted a tree in 1991 for one of my old and beautiful dogs: Trudy. Here’s a picture of it in 2006 [not a good one I know] with my granddaughter standing under it.

    It’s the light one in the middle; flowering nicely. I didn’t specifically grow it for the purpose, I found it as a small seedling sprouting in my garden. Usually, I rip them up and bin them but this one I decided to put in a pot. When it was big enough to transplant, I took it to The Downs and planted it. Each year, I made sure the bracken didn’t take away it’s light and now it stands tall and proud – a small bit of nature providing us all with a wee bit fresher air to breath, a sanctuary for birds and a bit of shade for any creature who may need it. And all because I loved a dog.

    The world works in mysterious ways. ūüėČ


  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Amen to all that. (Even MCGs can have their spiritual side.)

  5. Geraldine says:

    OS, your tree looks lovely. You are obviously a man after my own heart, as we say here.

  6. Anna Catherine says:

    Hello fans of Ollie
    I am new to his story and having recently found out from Stephen of Ollie’s passing have been reading all the blogs…. so lovely to hear of everyones thoughts as I was upset at the news. I hope Stephen and Trezza take comfort in the fact that they gave Ollie a loving and warm 6 years of life…which could have been oh so different.
    Planting a tree – how wonderful – my husband is a gardener and this is something I will definately do when I eventually lose my lovely Mister Skips – our rescued lurcher (a long time in the furture I hope!) Ollie was so beautiful he deserves many a thought.

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