Back-to-back Pulis posts

Full credit to El Gaffer: we out-Boltoned Bolton last night. We were big, tough, strong, hard to play against and scored twice to their none. The team bore no resemblance to the side that folded 3-1 at their place on the opening day. He has come on and he has come on at a pace. I think we’ll survive, and the whole splendid adventure is down to a man I have reviled for so many long seasons for so many good reasons. It’s messing with my head.

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  1. OS. says:

    Ditto. Our only saving grace is that he remains completely unlikeable as a person and that whatever he achieves, he will still be the most negative manager in the history of SCFC. What is messing our heads up is that despite those horrible traits, he can still be successful. I handle it because his success is our success.

    The prayer mat is getting a bit worn and I don’t like that one bit, but I still want it to be threadbare. 😉


  2. Stephen Foster says:

    You should of* bought yersen a new raffia one in Portugal to last you out the season ;–)

  3. calvininjax says:

    “He has come on and he has come on at a pace.”

    How quickly we forget those abysmal 70 minutes or so at Villa Park. 😉

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    He got the *triffic unexpected* point at Villa though Calv: the oft-uncommented extra about Pulis is that he is born under a lucky star and is an all round jammy get.

    You can’t buy that ;–)

  5. AndyP says:

    ” he is born under a lucky star and is an all round jammy get.”

    Or as I suspect, has sold his soul to Lucifer in exchange for success.

    Looking at our run in, and the hostile experience that awaits teams visiting the Britannia I’m beginning to think the dullard will keep us up. Which is good. What is not so good is that with him in charge my desire to physically go and watch the team is fast seeping away. I have better things to do with my time. Spending several months in the US and not seeing them at all does not concern me one jot. But I’m sure when the book comes out to describe this season’s “adventures”, you will express the bitter-sweet feelings so much better than I can.

  6. chiffs says:

    I always thought Pulis meant ‘chicken’ in Maltese until someone with a knowledge of French put me right. So I looked it up (got nowhere – unlike certain surnames, you can’t trace his ancestry from it), But I did get this, and I quote, from a Pulis:

    “We Maltese invent polemics, as if we don’t have enough problems already.”

    That sounds like our boy (??)

  7. calvininjax says:

    “all round jammy get”

    That’s a phrase not often heard in the United States, or maybe I need to get out more. 😉

    But your analysis is spot on and it will be his jamminess that keeps us up, rather than his managerial prowess.

  8. OS says:

    ChiffS: I would have thought polemic would better refer to *us wastrels rather than Pulis. He’s dull and uninspiring and **crooked and incomprehensible.

    *Not you, of course. XXX

    **All Stokies have a bit of crookedness in them…including your live-in-super-stud-lover…so that’s not a bad thing in itself. 😉


  9. chiffs says:

    “live-in-super-stud-lover” – is there something I don’t know, or are you referring to Dills? ; )

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