How much is a jam butty worth?

M&S have launched a new credit crunch sandwich for 75p. I don’t know if I’ve become middle class or something, but that strikes me as quite reasonable. So long as it’s Tiptree Little Scarlet in the middle. Avec le beurre. None of your Hartley’s rubbish and Stork.


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10 Responses to How much is a jam butty worth?

  1. chiffs says:

    Tiptree Little Scarlet. Every time I buy it, ‘someone’ moans. How much did that cost?? You could feed a family of four on that, for a week. I point out that it will easily last at least a month, so it’s not really that expensive day to day, then I find that ‘someone’s’ had half a jar on his brioche avec buerre.
    I really hope it backfires on M£S. What next, dripping on toast for a mere quid?

  2. johnny n says:

    i had to attend a godawful service delivery workshop yesterday and part of it concerned looking at other company’s mission statements, one of which was the john lewis group (prop: waitrose) – we were asked what we liked about the JLG and amongst the ‘lovely service’ and ‘quality of product’ replies i dropped in, quietly, ‘essentially, what we’re buying is space’ – people murmured their assent, obviously

  3. Stephen Foster says:

    Stick with me kid, I’ll bring you on in the world :–)

  4. mum says:

    75p for a jam buttie even I could make money lol lol !! This of course is not a buttie this is an MS buttie !! On archives having been in Spain for 4 months we are still on Oatcakes on a Sat morning (taken out of freezer night before ) Take one oatcake lightly butter place another on top lighty butter then grate mature chedder cheese (plenty) on top place on plate put under grill untill cheese is melted and golden brown , remove from grill and turn top oatcake over onto bottom one creating a sandwich ;repeat this process twice more untill there is a stack of 6 oatcakes (3 sandwiches) .Cut through into quarters ! Place another plate on top and turn upside down .Remove the first plate and eat the oatcakes with hot coffee !!!!!!!!

  5. markelt says:

    Thank God for some sanity. The other day we had to endure some drivel about pikelets and marmalade covered oatcakes being better.

    I followed winger’s recipe for Cheese today for lunch, cos I’ve not eaten it since my grandad gave me some on an enamel plate (what happened to them?) in about 1981. Made me fell queasy for about an hour.

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    You big fairy; you’ll be telling me you can’t handle Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies out of a tin next.

  7. Julie Hill says:

    I feel a line from a Catherine Tate character coming on (which I’m sure you’re far too cultured to be familiar with!). “75p and this was for a jam sandwich – the dirty, rotten, thieving b*****ds!”
    If they bring out a Nutella one, count me in!
    Julie x

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    No way am I too cultured for that ;–) Trezza might be tho, she often looks rather nauseuos when I bring my peanut butter and marmalade toasts back to bed in the mornings.

  9. anjali says:

    is little tiptree really better than st dalfour? or is that a stupid question?

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    It is, a lot.

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