Working-Class Promo II

There were a couple of nice reviews over the weekend. This one by Rowan Pelling in Saturday’s Telegraph was probably the most enthusiastic response to any of my books so naturally I’ve become a big fan of hers, and this by Andrew Martin in the New Statesman was pretty good too. It’s nice, I’m always more than apprehensive with a new publication, this sort of press is a real tonic.


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8 Responses to Working-Class Promo II

  1. markelt says:

    Rowan Pelling, is she the former editor of the Erotic Review?

  2. Stephen Foster says:

    Indeed she is, what of it?

  3. johnny n says:

    she could probably give you tips on how to not make your tongue bleed

    i like that short were so against the whole ‘middle class gayer’ thing but everyone* (this and borders at the least) seems to be highlighting it as a way to explain you.

  4. markelt says:

    Having seen her on telly, I think she’d be more interested in tips on how to make his tongue bleed more.

  5. Stephen Foster says:

    It wasn’t Short that was against it johnny – it was one non-fiction buyer at Waterstones. he was the only persdon in the world that was offended by it. Even Guardian jounalists were astonished to hear that story – this we know because some of them (Guardian jounalists) are also published by Short Books.

  6. johnny n says:

    “I think she’d be more interested in tips on how to make his tongue bleed more.”

    is she a stokie? interested in haaaard work boy, rather than skill and refinement?

  7. AndyP says:

    Pulis: I told the lads Nige, the ladies of Stoke-on-Trent don’t appreciate endless intricate and fancy build up around their love-button, leave that to the French or Italiaaaaans. Stoke ladies prefer an aaaard working and direct approach – repeated and aimless pounding up the middle. Triffic.

  8. Stephen Foster says:

    Too graphic Mr P, and my stomach is not easily churned.

    Send me a mail reminding me of your address and I’ll sling the Potteries Karma Sootra manual in the post.

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