Walker Evans

I was sent some photos by a friend on email today, they were rather beautiful still seaside landscapes. They reminded me, somehow, of the great American photographer who is so associated with depression shots, though there is more than that to his repertoire as this decent site here shows. I first came across him at art school when we were looking at the classic Let Us Now Praise Famous Men written by James Agee with the dual intentions of informing and innovating, and illustrated by Evans’ black and white pictures. I was very taken with it; I feel like collaborating on a book like that now.


Steel Mill and Company Houses, Birmingham Alabama, 1936

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  1. I have a 100-page magazine called “1905-2005 Irish Independent 100 Years in the News” with many historical black/white photos: San Francisco Earthquake, Burning of the Reichstag, Hiroshima, etc.
    The first colour photo appears in 1963: ‘People dive to the ground as shots ring out on Dealey Plaza’.
    The last black/white photo to appear in the magazine is Steve Humphrey’s P.P.A.I award winning photo in 1997: Paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smith is led from court.

    In 2001 the burning twin towers appear under the inspired and dreadful headline ‘War of the worlds’.

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