The first in an occasional series: Poses I have adopted # 1


Reeking of le rive gauche, soft pack chic, a very persuasive shade of blue, the only difficulty was they were repulsive and made you feel a bit sick.

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6 Responses to The first in an occasional series: Poses I have adopted # 1

  1. chiffs says:

    Or Gitanes Brunes with the gypsy on the front. How very glam, how cool it was to be a smoker then. Not like now, where you’re treated to a picture of a weirdy beardy with an alien breaking out of his neck, or, a man with an iron on his head, or a pair of hands (???) or most bizarrely, (are cigarettes now a class A drug?) a syringe . . .

  2. I was a Silk Cut man myself, having graduated from Park Drive. I finished up on Benson & Hedges. 20 years ago I got a smoker’s sore throat, took that as a warning sign, and packed it all in.
    I remember a neighbour who smoked having a metal plate fitted in his throat so he could talk and a friend who ran a smoky pub having to have his legs amputated due to the effects of so-called passive smoking. The Marlboro Man as we know died of straightforward lung cancer without any complications.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!QUIT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mum says:

    Due to a campsite neighbour persuading me to lend her “Hero” the only thing that gives me any cred as a nice lady is the fact that I have stopped smoking !!! Three years now for reasons see above = Chiffs = lol lol xxx

  4. Stephen Foster says:

    Your cred lies elsewhere ;–)

  5. Morning paper brings photo of Ronaldo rising gloriuosly to head home the winning goal against my “sterling” Rovers. His green football boots are clearly seen. I repeat. His green football boots. Stephen, you must agree that’s clearly more than “poses I have adopted”. It’s blatant cheating. Surely the Ref had a responsibility to make that Man U dribbler, that twinkle-toed striker, change his boots for a colour that our defenders could actually see? After all, did Best need green boots. No. And he had the almost valid excuse that he was Irish.
    My silliest adopted pose was a a pair of Cuban heeled shoes with chiselled toes. I must have looked a right prat down at the La Scala Ballroom.

  6. Stephen Foster says:

    He should have been sent off before he scored, same as against us when he kicked our full back and skinhead defender hero Wilko who later retaliated. Guess which one of them was dismissed from the field of play. That’s cheating, but by the lily-livered refs.

    Cuban heels are deserving of a post of their own…

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