Car trouble

Jack wrote his Mini off last night, I learned at about 19.30 today, swerving to avoid a dead badger on a B-road somewhere near Cheltenham where they had been filming Tinchy’s new video. He ended up in a tree. He is safe and sound; that, it goes without saying, is the most important thing. He has declared himself unfit to travel to see Stoke vs Portsmouth in the massive six-pointer tomorrow, and who can blame him. I picked the Merc up this morning after having a new electric loom put in: it went back into the garage with oil leaking out of the gearbox five hours later. It’s a nightmare, that car. Here, instead is an ace picture of Dylan, by photographer Gareth Evans, taken at a lure coursing event at the East of England Showground near Peterborough more than a year ago. It’s going to be the cover of the American Along Came Dylan which will be called Fetching Dylan. They publish in June.


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3 Responses to Car trouble

  1. mum says:

    So sorry to read that about Jack please give him my love glad he is OK x

  2. Julie Hill says:

    Sorry to hear about Jack; glad he’s alright.

    I have sometimes got to the point with my cars where I swear I will switch to using a horse and cart. I resemble Basil Fawlty frantically berating his car! Threats usually help them come to their senses. Hope yours is back on the road soon.

  3. OS. says:

    Oi, Jackson! You were sorely missed at Olstokie’s after the match. As was that troublemaker, ‘Mix’. Get back to yourself. We need you to keep your gayer father in check. He’s getting too big for his boots. 😉

    OS. xXx [ng]

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