Jack disses the Man


‘And this is supposed to be art, is it?’

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4 Responses to Jack disses the Man

  1. OS. says:

    Jackson…you have my deepest sympathies having a fayther like him. That is the most boring photograph I have ever seen in my life. You look utterly tittsed off. Compare that to what he does with us…;)



  2. Graham says:

    Apparently, Jack’s getting a t-shirt with this photo on the front with “My dad took me to New York City…. and took me here!”

  3. Mark Elt says:

    I’m with Jack. I went to the Rothko exhiibition at Tate Modern with winger and one other MCG. I could see the skill and intent, but didn’t get anything from it.

  4. diane watson says:

    Oh dear!! older bro of mine its not always easy to fine a like minded individual who appreciates a Rothko…….for the gentle beauty of being cocoon in colour …I love that Rothko me!!

    hope nyc was fun


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