Blue Moon

Manchester City fans sing it to console themselves for following such a basket case club, as they proved once more today by losing 1-0 to a Stoke team reduced to ten men for over an hour (as a consequence of a tremendous attempt by Rory Delap to remove Shaun Wright-Phillips’ wedding tackle). Still it must be awkward to be any good when you’ve only got £100m worth on the pitch.


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  1. makemeadiva says:

    Aha – a dual purpose post – I knew I had an historic and epic two-post blog on here somewhere, with a picture of Rudi. A feat of endurance to find it though and request a new password. I am testing it out…

    I am also glad Stoke are enjoying an upturn in their season’s narrative. My OH spent a few hours freezing his feet off in the front row at the Emirates. It’s a cold, lonely business this football supporting.

  2. It’s all right for you to laugh Stephen. I’m sad. Bitter sad. The downer is that it looks very much like Fat Sam has missed signing Salzburg’s galloping giraffe Janko. Rovers offer of a measley 6.5 million was not enough.
    The boy has re-signed with the Red Bulls until 2013 which stroke of the pen doubles his value. He’s now worth between 10 and 15 million. I can’t see Rovers agreeing to that bit of financial chicanery. We’ll have to struggle on I suppose.

  3. johnny n says:

    winning without delap’s throw-ins. it’s a miracle.

    shearer’s a twat, btw. obviously

  4. Bluuuuue Moooooon…..
    That’s what they sing at Crewe as soon as they go one behind. They are good singers though. But I expect they get plenty of practice.

  5. mum says:

    Blue moons or orange ones yesterdays win has done wonders for my camp cred! Watched most of it on one of those streams from Vietnam or some such!!

  6. LOL… Maybe they should save the £500,000 a week they wanted to pay Kaka and use it to start bribing some officials… Maybe that’ll help!

    Congrats on a whole months blogging (January is lit up like a Christmas Tree)!

  7. OS. says:

    Dave, I think they paid the first installment saturday. We won despite the ref and his three other officials not seeing Wright-Phillips kick Delap who was, quite rightly, sent off for his indiscretions. Maybe not though. He ignored a penalty appeal for Man city at the death which would have had the likes of Styles and Co bursting their cheeks in an effort to get enough air into their whistles. I’ll settle for that. Three points helps. And didn’t we need them! Phew! 😉

  8. See, there’s only one team from Manchester who’d be gifted a “penalty at the death”. Mmm, wonder who it might be…

  9. I have always been intrigued by the moon or should i say mesmarized by it ,what can i say? I am cancerian by birth, maby thats why? any way I just have a STRONG liking for the moon. thank you.

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