Post. I’ll fill this in later: I just wanted to light the date up in the calendar: I’m going for a record full month’s blogging here.

Just been sent this link of by new blog visitor Dave Blakemore. He says on the thread below that some of the action in Along Came Dylan sounds as though it looks like his dogs doing this. He’s right, it very much did.

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  1. jenny says:

    Check out Reuben on GRWE. I saw him and thought of you- not quite sure why. perhaps because he is so unusual looking….

  2. Hi Stephen, I read your book Walking Ollie last night. I started it and was unable to put it down. I wanted to just say thanks for sharing as much as you did and for writing a dog book wherein the dog is not a loss at the end of the book. Not to say that books that end in such a fashion are not good books, but the last few i’ve read have all left me in tears at the end. Yours did as well but they were good tears. I found a lot in the book that i could relate to. The dog i have now is not a shelter dog but my last dog, a Great Dane/Doberman mix named Justice was – and i had a hard time when i had to put her to sleep. When seeking out a new dog I found myself freaking out in animal shelters, but my longing for another dog didn’t go away so i ended up buying a golden retriever puppy (he’s not fat and he runs a lot every day, i have a nice river and woods nearby) and he’s a great dude. My room mate has a Decker Giant Rat Terrier mix and they have crazy dog battles. I’ve also suffered from panic attacks and think i’ve got a similar idea of what you went through. I don’t mean specifics, i just mean the caregiving itself becoming the caregiver, to the … giver. uh, yeah…. the website i listed with my email is a slide-show of dog and other animal pics. i was on tour in europe with my band in november and took pictures all over, in fact there are a few from England, specifically Stoke on Trent. We played there at a little place called The Glebe, which i believe is closing down. anyway, if you want to send a picture of your dogs for the slide show it would be cool and i could mention your book in the description. the page is really jsut a slideshow though, i’d tried to make more of it but it’s slowgoing. anyway, thanks for your book. – Eric

  3. Sorry about the Spurs result.
    I was confident that you’d manage at least a draw when I saw Prohaska had tipped Spurs as a banker bet.

  4. Hi Stephen,

    Just finished “Along Came Dylan” and found this blog online! Love the book. I think dog owners across the globe can relate to the joys and stresses you describe so well. Being a fellow “rescue lurcher” owner, I wanted to show you a video I took of our dogs playing (in much the same way you described Dylan and Ollie playing).

    Will it be OK to post the URL here? (don’t want to just assume that it’s OK).

  5. chiffs says:

    While he’s out . . .
    I’ve been trying (and failing) to link a YouTube video here – I guess I’m not allowed. When he gets back from his gallivanting, I’ll make him put it on. If you can’t wait until the Small Hours, it’s a glorious rendition of Couldn’t Love You More by John Martyn, who sadly died today.

  6. OS says:

    Mr Harrison, sir. You must now get Along Came Dylan. The sequel to WO is excellent.

    Wot on earth is a ‘Decker Giant Rat Terrier’? The name alone is frightening! 😉

    ChiffS: just put the url on. Slurps. XXX

  7. Stephen Foster says:

    Thanks to both Eric and Dave. I’ll try to send you a couple of pictures Eric, & try that URL Dave, it should be fine…

    I’m with OS on his Q … what the hell is that?

  8. Hi again,

    Posted the URL, but I think your blog may have caught it as spam or something, as it’s not showing.

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    Yes, it did, but that’s been rectified…

  10. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for posting the video! Always make me laugh when Ela runs head first into my legs and let our a pathetic “yelp”.


  11. OS – a decker giant rat terrier is another name for a decker terrier, which sort of look like jack russel terriers but the ears are different, the tail is shorter … my roomies is a mix with a rat terrier, he’s about 22 pounds. he’s also relatively high strung and a little bit viscious towards animals to be honest, it’s his nature – it’s controllable, but he is a hunter and has a mean streak. the straight decker giants i think get to about 35 pounds. he’s essentially a rat and mouse hunting dog and he lives up to it. i live in marshlands, so we get mice in the fall trying to escape the cold he kills a lot of mice before they get to the house , what he doesn’t get my cat gets. my dog, the golden retriever – caught a mouse one time, but didn’t kill it. he prefers to find deer and chase rabbits.
    there are websites about decker terriers if it interests you. the pictures of mine anyone can see at myspace, i dont’ think you need an account – it’s a slideshow tribute to dogs really the page is http://www.myspace dot com slash whatwouldjusticedo

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