I was conflicted tonight, as well as double-booked

I opted to perform at the literary reading that I was booked down in for months ago at UEA, when I should have been at White Hart lane.

Spurs 3-1 Stoke and we were battered according to the texts that were coming in. PULIS OUT!

More later: am off to find the ‘highlights.’

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4 Responses to I was conflicted tonight, as well as double-booked

  1. AndyP says:

    Better second ‘aaaaaalf but for a “struggling side” Spurs played some lovely football, never really were that troubled and put our approach to shame. Could have been a lot worse too. Standing watching in the first half, no fight, not getting stuck in, no doing the ugly things right that Pulis loves. Hence 3-0 down at Half Time. He has no idea and must go. Just 3 points from 12 away games, and no wins, our home form better hold up or it’s curtains.

  2. calvininjax says:

    Just couldn’t seem to capture the form we showed against Chelsea, we actually had Spurs back in their own half. 😉

    Man of the Match: Cresswell.

    Pulis: “Modric? The way he keeps finding his own men with the ball instead of just aimlessly kicking it upfield must have Harry tearing his hair out. That kind of stuff is all well and good on the Continent but this is the Premier League, passing man to man will get you nowhere.

    “I am so pleased for Cress. It vindicates my decision to persevere with him up front. He has quickly developed a complete, some might say telepathic, misunderstanding with Beattie. It’s just a knack Cress has. He’s always two moves behind the rest of the team.

    “I know it is early days but if we continue playing the way we have, the Championship is a realistic target for us this season.”

  3. Mark Eltringham says:

    Widerspruch verboten. Halt’s Maul oder Verpiss dich zum Vale.

  4. OS. says:

    There’s summat wrong somewhere. His team selections are bordering on lunatic or criminal. I would rule neither of them out. Whatever, the man has serious issues.

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