Traditional January Biscuit Poll

for me, the winner is always the milk chocolate HobNob. I’ll bring any votes or snappy comments into the main body of this post and compile a chart later. It’s labour-intensive & time-consuming, but someone has to do it.


The nominations after the morning-coffee tray has been round the blog are follows:

Chocolate chip with macadamia nuts
Gingerbread men
Chocolate malted milk without a doubt
Sainsbury’s quadruple chocolate biscuits
Dark chocolate digestive
Malted milk
Custard Cream
Ginger nuts
Jaffa Cakes (counts as one of ‘5-a-day’)

Early polling returns indicate that the vote is wide open, though the the Dark chocolate digestive has been seconded, and 2 varieties of Malted Milk have been cited…

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24 Responses to Traditional January Biscuit Poll

  1. Patty Gross says:

    Well, okay, I’ll play along seeing as how you’re up to doing all the real work. But be aware that your “biscuit” is my “cookie.” That being said my all time favorite is a chocolate chip with macadamia nuts. Mmmmmmmmmm, good!

  2. Do gingerbread men count as biscuits? I love to dunk them and bite off their heads.

  3. Chocolate malted milk without a doubt…

  4. Mark Eltringham says:

    If you’re doing a chart, the z-axis will be context. A ginger nut without tea is an abomination. A chocolate stem ginger thin is begging for a glass of malt. Chocolate hob nobs are good journeymen, the Owen Hargreaves of biscuits, but nowt compared to quadruple chocolate biscuits which prove there may be a God and he’s in cahoots with Sainsbury’s.

  5. anjali says:

    dark chocolate digestive.

  6. chiffs says:

    Malted milk. Elkes. Has a fat cow imprinted on it, just to remind you what you’ll look like by the time you get to the end of the packet.

  7. johnny n says:

    you can’t go wrong with a custard cream

  8. AndyP says:

    I’m with Anjali on this one, although I could easily form an addiction to ginger nuts dunked in tea. Coconut rings get an honorable mention.

  9. Mark Eltringham says:

    *scottish accent*

    They’re bound tae

  10. chiffs says:

    Jaffa Cakes. Virtually fat free and that orange centre counts as one of your five a day.

  11. OS says:

    1) Jammy Dodgers. Dunked in honey tea and downed in one go.

    2) McVities Chocolate Digestives dunked in honey tea and downed in one go.

    3) Custard Creams dunked in honey tea and downed in one go.

  12. Patty Gross says:

    Uh, this has worried me all day. I am obsessing over your meaning of a biscuit vs. what I think of when I hear the word “bisquit.” So here is a photo of a biscuit I baked for breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon. Some have said I bake the best biscuits around. 😉

    If I’m not allowed to do this, please just delete it and ignore my ignorance.

    Here is my nicely baked, light, fluffy biscuit. It is really tasty with a little butter and jam. I love it with a cup of tea.

  13. OS says:

    Patty, that looks very much like a scone. In England, we put strawberry jam and Cornish Clotted Cream on those. Mmmmm. It looks nice. I think I’ll nip off for a Jammy Dodger and a cup of honey tea. 😉

    OS. XXX

  14. AndyP says:

    During my first visit to Florida Tina took me to Cracker Barrel for a meal and the comedy value. When the waitress asked if we’d like some biscuits before the main meal, I was shocked when what turned up was a plateful of things like Patty’s photo. The wrong biscuit but not wrong. Very right! They are delicious. I ate far too many. It looks like a scone but doesn’t taste like a scone. Can’t describe it apart from wonderful. Cracker Barrel was rather frightening though… yeeehaw!

  15. Patty Gross says:

    Glad you liked the biscuits from CB! Did y’all sit a spell on the front porch in the rockin’ chair? 🙂 Have to remember you were in the Deep South!

  16. AndyP says:

    Patty – no the rocking chairs were all full! I wondered what was happening. I thought it was a queue waiting for the restaurant but turned out the folks were just sitting there enjoying the view of the car park and Cheney Highway! 😮 Inside was scary – all the tat on the walls, but worse of all that bloody gift shop. John Deere tractor memorabilia, and “How to rise your son as a good country boy” books. Frightening. Thankfully no one was playing a banjo and sucking on a piece of straw.

    This also where I first discover America’s obsession with sugar. I had a sweet potato casserole as part of a “vegetable plate” (This also contained macaroni cheese – go figure as they say stateside, last time I looked pasta wasn’t a vegetable). The clue is in the “sweet potato” – it’s sweet enough, it doesn’t need sugar. But the casserole contained it – plenty of it. It was more like a dessert! The concept of vegetarianism is also a little flaky. Ordering green beans seems a safe option until you discover some clown has cooked them with pieces of ham! Doh. I was glad of the biscuits I can tell you. 😉

  17. AndyP says:

    No Cracker Barrel rockers as I said Patty, but I have found this potential reenactment on Cumberland Island, Georgia.

    Sorry it’s not really biscuits is it?

    Erm yes right, well, OS made a good point about Jammy Dodgers…

  18. Patty Gross says:

    Tsk, tsk! I knew those Cracker Barrel rockers would get to you. You DID sit in one and like so many thousands of others, you BOUGHT one. That’s what I believe happenend.

    Yes, it’s true what you say about our beloved rednecks and their sweets. The one tooth that so many of them have is definitely a sweet one. I think real vegetables frighten them. I mean a plain, al dente, not boiled to mush, vegetable. God forbid they’d be exposed to eating a raw vegetable! They will eat vegetables IF they are concealed in some sort of sauce or gravy, gravy, now that’s another top 10 on the southern food list!! They tend to think of it as milk. Especially red eye gravy. Back to vegetables….if a vegetable is deep fried they will eat it, in fact they go out of their way to find fried okra. Well, I shouldn’t be so hard on them. After all here in Maine we love a delicacy called fin ‘n haddie for dinner (tea?). Ever hear of it?

    Nice site you have there, Andy. I’ll have to paw my way through the pages and see what you’re really made of….see what you’re pushin’ there on your site.

  19. Patty Gross says:

    Read most of your site, Andy. It is quite interesting and I like the layout. I, of course, think/know you are mistaken about the people who endorse the Republican party, but it would take awhile to explain why. I will say that most of my acquaintences, family, and friends are Republicans. Only one is rich, and he is a 91 year old gentleman who goes to my church. I am very middle class, NOT a bigoted bone in my body, and that’s all I’ll say on this site about it, but lookout ’cause I’ll be joining your site soon. 🙂

    You have a great many talents, and I wish you well with your beloved in Florida. My sister-in-law is at Vero Beach now, but will be home in the Spring.

    Best to you and your future!!

  20. AndyP says:

    “Read most of your site, Andy”

    You must have been bored, or snowed in! 😉

  21. Stephen Foster says:

    I just look at the pictures, that way you avoid a lot of stuff about timetables :–)

  22. AndyP says:

    I’d take the same approach with your works Winger but there’s not many pictures 😉

  23. Patty Gross says:

    Well, I looked at all the pictures too. Spent time trying to figure out who’s who….but I did know several people because I always read OS’s site, and he tags the people in his photos. 😉

    I am nearly snowed in…..16″ of snow here in the woods, and this morning it was -12 below zero. This shot of my cottage and woods will explain my confinement:

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